How To Spot a Fake Rolex?

Rolex is a well-known Swiss maker of luxury timepieces. Even if you’re not a watch enthusiast, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Rolex.

With nearly 700,000 timepieces produced each year, Rolex is a well-known sign of wealth. It’s also one of the most counterfeited watch brands. Rolex watches are one of the world’s most coveted luxury goods. Therefore, there is a vast market for counterfeit (fake) Rolex watches.

The quality of these replicas has improved considerably over the years, with most being produced in China. With the following guidelines, you’ll be able to tell whether or not a Rolex is real or fake.

Although fake watches are tempting, even seasoned dealers can be fooled. While some replicas are straightforward to spot right away, other more sophisticated counterfeit Rolex watches may be considerably more difficult to detect. Here are a few detailed examples of how to tell a phoney Rolex from a genuine timepiece in order to protect yourself from dishonest vendors and imitation products.


THE PRICE: IIf you’re looking at a Rolex and it’s being offered for less than three hundred dollars, there’s a good chance it’s a replica. It is true that expensive Rolex watch models are not cheap items, so if the offer appears to be too good to be true, it almost always is. Be wary.

There are several reputable dealers, but it’s never a bad idea to do your research to ensure you’re buying from a real Rolex dealer. Google does an excellent job of displaying the most reputable and established businesses to assist you to avoid purchasing a counterfeit watch. Finally, each genuine Rolex comes with its own individual serial number, ensuring authenticity.

Which is real?

The magnification / Cyclops

The date on Rolex watches with a date (Datejust, Submariner, etc.) has to be tiny in order for it to function properly, so Rolex includes a magnification glass or Cyclops window, so the wearer may see it more easily. As a result of this, a cyclops window, or magnifier is added to

It’s difficult to get Cyclops right, not just because of magnification but also due to the clarity of the number. Rolex uses anti-reflective material beneath the cyclops to make it readable, making it more difficult to detect in counterfeit watches.

The cyclops on the left does not magnify the date proportionately. A real Rolex would magnify the date by 2.5 times.

The Rolex cyclops is the magnifying lens that sits above the date window on their timepieces’ faces. The Cyclops of a genuine Rolex is convex, magnifying the date 2.5 times for easier reading. If you discover that the magnification lens is flat and that the date isn’t magnified to that degree.

The weight: If it feels light, it isn’t right.

A replica Rolex watch will feel flimsy and lightweight due to cheaper construction materials. A genuine Rolex is made with the highest-quality materials, so the quality feels more durable.

The Serial Number Hallmarks

Everything on a Rolex is meticulously engineered and if you magnify the lettering on the dial with a microscope, you’ll be able to spot a fake. The inside of the band of the watch near the face usually has some engravings, but to see them for the serial and model numbers you must remove the strap.

Removing the band is straightforward; you just need a thumbtack with which to push in the joints keeping the band connected to the watch through the holes on either side of the watch or at the bottom of it if there are no holes. Examine the inscriptions using a magnifying glass after opening them.

They should not be sandy or misshapen. A real Rolex’s serial and model numbers are deep and well defined in strong, very fine lines that will glisten when shone at an angle like a diamond cut edge. When looking up the watch to see if it’s the right one, you should use this model number as well. The model number is on the 12 o’clock side of the watch.

Because of a lesser high-quality marking operation, fake or counterfeit numbers are generally composed of dim little dots. These figures on fakes will have a sandy look as a result of being “acid-etched,” as seen in the image above on the left.

Movement / Inner Workings

You need special tools to view this one. With special Rolex tools, you can unscrew the case back and view the gears and inner workings of the watch. Everything should generally be different colours and again everything should be perfect. There should be an engraving on the inside of the watch that says something like “Geneva, Switzerland” the metal type, and the model number. 

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