How to Start a successful Mobile Marketing Business

Mobile marketing is still in the beginning stages. If you are skilled in new technologies then you might consider starting a mobile marketing business. Mobile marketing is marketing that is conducted through mobile phones and other mobile devices through paid advertisements on browser search results and mobile device applications. Searches while using a mobile phone are often location-specific. People are looking for a place to eat or a shopping area. Provide information to these mobile users while marketing at the same time. Market through existing search engines and applications and launch your mobile application as a way to better focus your mobile marketing services.


  1. Research the mobile marketing business market thoroughly. Develop a plan to innovate the market further. Write a well thought out business plan based on your research. Include a statement of purpose, description of the business, market and competition analysis, and financial documents. Use the business plan to guide you through the start-up phase of the business. Adjust the plan as your business develops.
  1. Meet with an accountant and attorney to discuss the legal and tax implications of mobile marketing business. A privacy issue regarding mobile devices is an evolving legal issue. Many issues revolve around the use of user data. User data can be used to provide more customized user experience, but can also be used to target the user for specific advertising based on his or her preferences. An attorney will be able to advise you on the legal considerations of your business. File the necessary forms at the local, state and federal level for legal and tax purposes to establish your business as a legal entity.
  1. Negotiate marketing agreements with existing service and application providers to enable you to provide mobile marketing services to your clients through these providers. These relationships will be essential to establishing your business while you develop and market your mobile phone application for mobile marketing. Market these services through your website.
  1. Work with an application developer to create a mobile application of your own. While it is not essential to create your mobile application, it can be beneficial. The application should serve a need for mobile device users such as providing information about local retailers or services. Enable the application to allow you to integrate advertising seamlessly into it. Market the application to companies in need of mobile marketing. Launch the application through viral Internet campaigns. Post videos on social media networks such as YouTube to generate hype about the new application. Market the application and provide download through your website. Also, share a relevant post on Facebook and Instagram. You can buy Instagram likes to boost your content on this platform.
  1. Design an interactive website with the help of a web designer. Integrate social networking links, a forum, and a blog into the website. Provide a space that is friendly to users of your new application so that they can learn about it and download it onto their mobile device. Provide a space for potential marketing clients.