How To Use 4ft Tall Light Up Letters Effectively

When you rent marquee letters in Philadelphia, you can quickly light up your upcoming event in style. These letters — typically around 4 feet tall — are equipped with lights that add extra appeal to any corner of the venue. They are versatile decorations that can be customized to match the occasion’s theme.

Here are eight ways you can use these trendy large light up marquee letters.

Spell out your surname at your wedding reception

Use marquee letters to showcase your and your partner’s surname, or just go with a signature, MR & MRS sign. If you want it to be simpler, go with a few initials or a hashtag featuring the first letter of you and your partner’s married name. Some wedding décor rentals near Bucks County also provide heart-shaped signs to add a more romantic, Instagram-worthy element to the reception venue.

Announce the name of the birthday celebrant

One of the most important events in anyone’s life is their birthday. If you’re organizing a party for a loved one, why not rent marquee letters to create a unique photo-op space featuring the celebrant’s name? You can also indicate an age.

Congratulate the graduating class

Want to send off the graduating class the modern way? Add marquee letters that read “Congrats Class of (Year)” or “(University name) Class of (Year)” at the campus or the graduation venue. These letters can also help define a space where graduates and their family and friends can snap a pic before sharing the good news online.

Welcome returning students

You can also use these large 4 ft marquee letters for rent to mark the brand-new academic year. If you want to make the freshmen at your school feel more welcomed, you can specifically rent letters that spell out “Welcome Freshmen!” If you’re an officer at a club or a sorority/fraternity, you can upgrade your welcome part with giant marquee letters spelling their graduating year.

Throw support to your sports team

Whether for a sports event at school or in your neighborhood, you can rent marquee letters to show support for your favorite team.

Celebrate holidays

Are you managing a public space like a park? Want to spruce up your garden during the Christmas season? Commemorate the holidays like you never did before and generate interest from passers-by with giant marquee letters. A simple “Hello Fall” or “Happy Holidays” can already set a great atmosphere in your area.

Get your business noticed

Are you hosting a three-day sale for your business? Installing a pop-up store? Holding an open house for that property you’re trying to sell? Capture the attention of prospective customers by placing light up letters within your outside your place of business.

Promote your event with a hashtag

No matter what kind of event you’re hosting, you can rent marquee letters in Philadelphia to help create online buzz. For instance, you can inform attendees and visitors about your official hashtag by spelling them out using these light-up letters for rent. When they use it as a background for their photos, you can also benefit from any free publicity once they’ve posted those pics online. The cool thing about these marquee letters is that they come in different styles. You can choose one that best fits the theme of your event.