How to Use an LMS Learning System for Effective Employee Onboarding?

When employees leave an organization, they do not just vacate a position, but also end up wasting the organization’s training resources (which is obviously a huge cost to the employer). But, as it is said that the show must go on, you must stop repenting over the losses and be prepared to welcome the new hires with open arms. But, how do you assure that the new hires instantly feel motivated towards their job responsibilities and get aligned with your company’s objectives? Simple; by investing in an LMS.

A learning management system helps you create employee onboarding programs, which makes it easy for you to induct new hires with great precision. In fact, almost all the companies using rota software for businesses in the UK are also giving their first priority to installing an LMS Learning system for better employee management.

So, if you too wish to create the best programs for employee orientation using an LMS, here’s all what you need to do –

  1. Add New Employees to the LMS

First and foremost, you need to add the new joiners to your company’s LMS so that they can easily access their learning and training. To add employees, you have several options, like batch uploads, using which, you can add multiple employees to the LMS at once via CSV. Another way is manually adding employees in the LMS one by one. In case, you are expecting a dramatic increase in the number of new employees, it is better to integrate your HR system with the LMS.

  1. Assign Courses Automatically

Now that you have added new hires to the LMS, you must create auto-enrollment options in the employee orientation program. The best part about using a effective LMS Learning system is that you can assign learners to courses using your own criteria. For example, you can set a criteria that the moment a new hire is added to the LMS, he or she automatically gets enrolled in a welcome course, which explains everything about the company to the learner.

  1. Create Timelines

Time is very important; and for a business owner, it is an asset. Hence, you need to ensure that the learning or training during onboarding process is completed within a specific time frame. You can select a specific time frame, like a month, week etc.,within which, the onboarding course must be completed. These dates allow the new hires to meet their onboarding goals within time.

  1. Segregate Learners Into Groups

An LMS offers you ‘groups’ feature, which segregates the learners into sections or segments so that they can get access to a tailored learning content. These groups can be created on different parameters, depending on your needs, for example, marketing, sales, customer support etc. So, all the groups get access to customized training materials, which can be automatically assigned to them.

  1. Monitor Employee Development

Team members can be easily assigned as admins, managers and instructors, in order to monitor the development of employees and assign learning courses to them. Additionally, an LMS also gives you access for tracking the performance of employees and evaluate room for improvement.

Keeping these points in mind, you are all set to onboard your new hires effectively through an LMS. So, what are you waiting for? Invest in an LMS today and transform your new hires into self-motivated top performers from the very first day at work.


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