How to Use Feng Shui Products Properly? 

Feng Shui products become the vehicle through which energy flows in our homes. We already know a lot about the benefits that the process of Feng Shui has on our lives. We have also experienced the changes it has brought in our lives. Since you already have an idea of what Feng Shui entails, it may be time for you to continue onto this journey of bringing these positive changes in your life. Even if you are new to this process of Feng Shui Online, you can always know what it entails. This will give you a good idea about what to expect and how to use all these products in your life. 

  • Three- Legged Frog: This frog is usually kept in offices or in the common areas of the house. Since these are a rare species to find, they are considered to be very lucky for you in terms of wealth and happiness in your house. It should ideally be placed near the entrance of the house, facing inwards. 
  • Crystal Pyramid: Crystals, ceramics, porcelain, etc. are some very important materials that are commonly used in Feng Shui products. The crystal pyramid is typically used as a sign of positivity and flow of good energy or chi. It should be kept in a south west direction of the room. Ideally, in all four corners of the house. 
  • Laughing Buddha or Kuber: This is one of the more common products we see in our homes. These are not just important religiously but also in the process of Feng Shui. This too is considered to be beneficial for you financially. These too should be placed in a common area of the house, facing inwards. 
  • Turtle: The turtle is important in the Hindu religion as well because it is considered to be an avatar of Lord Vishnu. It is generally used as a sign of positivity and financial prosperity too. It can be kept in different directions of the house in place you want it too. 

The point of Feng Shui products is to bring joy into your life. So, if there is something that you do not find appealing. There is no point in you going ahead buying it because it is going to be in your house for a long time. You will be looking at it every time you cross that area of the house. More importantly, you should be able to feel that change in energy within yourself and your household. Yes, it will not happen overnight and you will gradually feel it. This is why it is called a lifestyle change. It will only show results gradually. Make sure that wherever you place these objects on a clean surface and that they are not neglected afterwards too. They are the passage through which energy is being aided in your house. You have to take care of it, as though you are taking care of that energy.