How to wear 1990’s fashion in 2020

Haven’t you heard? The nineties are back. The days of bucket hats, baggy sportswear, lace chokers, and wedge flip flops have come back on the runway and in shops. But how do you wear 90s fashion without feeling that you’re wearing an Oasis costume? Here’s how to wear key 90s outfits with style in 2020.

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The 1990s was the age for branded sportswear, with Kappa, Reebok, and Kangol reigning supreme and being featured in film and on the red carpet. Athleisure is set to be a big trend for 2020 and it’s time to bring the football shirt into high fashion. Take a statement shirt, and match it with classic neutrals like a denim jacket and black jeans.

Dork style

Have you ever considered Chandler Bing as a style icon? Well, anti-fashion is the new fashion. Loose blazers, highly patterned shirts, chunky trainers, and Chandler’s favourite chunky sweater vest are all fair game, so it’s time to raid your dad’s wardrobe.

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Baggy trousers

Oversized tailoring is in, slim fit is out. Go full comfort and opt for a larger, double breasted 90s style suit the next time you’re shopping for workwear. It’s comfortable and it’s on trend. Just make sure that you buy a suit that has been purposefully oversized. Just buying a big one will not work.


The movement that defined the 90s is also defining fashion trends for 2020. It’s an unfussy but distinctly and uniquely British look, and very easy to achieve. Start with your outerwear – get something chilled out, like a windbreaker, a parka, or one of those distinctive puffed jackets. Then move inwards. Think about what’s simple and utility based – plain jeans, some Farah shirts with a boat or polo neck such as these, low-top trainers, and a bucket hat. But do be careful – you want to look like a Gallagher, not Kevin the Teenager.


Going against glitzy excess and adopting a classic, comfort look is easy and stylish. Put these items on your next clothes shopping list: flannel shirt, faded jeans, combat boots, baggy vintage cardigans. You might not want to go the full route with unkempt hair, but add a knit beanie for a go-to accessory.

These tips should help you keep on trend throughout the new year.