Importance of Egg Freezing Techniques in Family Planning

New technologies arise in the medical field to help women solve some of their reproductive health issues. Did you know that now you can freeze your eggs and have them implanted when you are ready? That is right; if you feel other issues still need your attention and having a child can wait, you can opt for egg freezing. You can have the procedure done when you consult the best West Hollywood, CA reproductive endocrinologist. With the experts, you have a chance of motherhood even in old age.

Who can benefit from egg-freezing technology?

Anyone can have the procedure as long as they have reached the reproductive age. The technology is helpful for people with chronic conditions and other problems such as cancer. Cancer sometimes requires aggressive chemotherapy, which means most women going through the treatment lose their fertility. By freezing your eggs before the chemotherapy treatment, you have the opportunity to use those eggs after your treatment is complete.

With the inspiration from people with cancer and other chronic issues, the technology has now extended to all women.

You can have the procedure when you think that your job must come first. You can also do so as you wait for the special person to come into your life. The technology is also useful for people with a small family who are unsure whether they want more members in the future. As you wait to make up your mind, you can have eggs stored in a safe place.

What considerations should you make before freezing your eggs?

Women have a limit to the number of eggs they produce. A point comes in your life where your body cannot produce more eggs; in medical terms, you have exceeded the “ovarian reserve.” Additionally, aging reduces the quality of the eggs you produce, making them less efficient, unlike in young people.

What is the right age for egg freezing?

Women have a special reproductive system which maintains a steady supply of eggs until they reach a certain age. However, not all these eggs are of the greatest quality. At the age of 30, you are at your peak, meaning that you have a significant chance of conceiving. Beyond the age of 35-37, this ability reduces, making you less fertile or having a lower probability of birthing a child. Statistically, women beyond the age of 35 have higher rates of miscarriages, meaning that the best period for freezing your eggs remains the age of 30 and below or somewhere between 20-35 years.

Before you have your procedure, the California Center for Reproductive Health does many tests to confirm whether you are healthy and can store your eggs. The center also has customized strategies for older people to keep some of the best quality eggs in anticipation for their families in the future.

Having a family is a big decision. Fortunately, with egg freezing, you can decide without a worry whether your body will stop making the best quality eggs. Begin your family planning journey by calling California Center for Reproductive Health or booking your spot online.