Importance of Pest Control in The Education Sector:

The protection of students, pupils, and teachers is a priority in any educational institution, be it a nursery, college, institute, school, or university.

Our extensive experience in pest control in all sectors, our specific know-how, and our technical experts in Environmental Health guarantee the best schools pest control treatment in the educational sector.

TodoPlagas, your Pest Control Company in the Education Sector

The treatment and control of pests in schools, institutes, nurseries, or universities is a critical aspect of the educational institution since it is one of the most peaceful environments.

We offer you our professional, fast, effective, and safe pest control service in your educational center from Eco Guard Pest Control.

Pest Control in Educational Centers:

Aware of how critical pest control is in academic centers, our main concern is students’ safety and the peace of mind of parents and teachers.

Eco Guard Pest Control is a registered service and makes its qualified technicians available to offer you the best pest control treatment in schools according to your needs.

Our pest control treatments are guaranteed in writing, and you will be supported at all times by one of our telephone consultants.

About Pest Control in Schools, Institutes, And Universities:

One of the common characteristics of infestations in educational centers is the risk factor posed by the stock of food and large garden areas. Factors that promote the habitability, development, and proliferation of pests, be they insects or rodents.

That said, educational centers (nursery schools, academies, colleges, universities…) are a particular case due to the strict controls that they must meet before carrying out their activity.

This certificate is also mandatory for other types of centers. Food and food handling activities are carried out, such as places or centers where cooking classes are given, meals and food are served, dining rooms, places that despite not having with kitchens if catering is served. Logically, in schools, there is also such a circumstance.

Not only the existence of kitchens is an attractive place for colonization by all kinds of pests. Students’ lunches and snacks, whether sandwiches, all sorts of snacks generate waste in bins, small crumbs that are a source of food for insects and rodents.

In addition to all the potential risks posed by food in educational centers in terms of pest control, we must not forget about green areas either in recreation or rest areas that are usually found in academic centers. They are a perfect base of operations for all types of insect or rodent pests throughout the year, especially in the year’s warmer seasons.

For all those mentioned above, it is vitally important to guarantee the educational center’s present and future to have a specific school pest control service carried out by a professional company such as Eco Guard Pest Control.

Eliminate Rodents in Educational Centers:

One of the most common pests in educational centers is rats and mice. These animals can cause severe damage by destroying a part of electrical installations and contaminating food and common areas. They move their burrows in the coldest months of the year to places with higher temperatures searching for shelter.

This leads them to move their breeding areas and shrubs that may be found in garden areas or the yard to areas closer to buildings, sewers, and areas near kitchens or food storage.

Derived from the latter, it is not uncommon to find them near garbage places such as buckets and bins

As a recommendation, the use of covered containers to prevent the free entry and exit of these guests and having a rigorous garbage and waste removal plan and thorough cleaning regularly.

Eliminate Ants in Nurseries:

Another of the most frequent pests in nurseries or educational centers of any kind that have green areas or gardens are ants.

Ants are not usually found in isolation but are found in large numbers, moving freely on their tireless quest to find enough food to endure the winter.

Although it is true that a priori, it may not seem like a problem and that ants indeed do not transmit diseases as if it were rodents, for example. The real problem arises when these insects go to kitchens, dining rooms, and food stores.

Eliminate Cockroaches in Schools:

One of the most feared pests in a school is cockroaches. These insects are the nightmare of any organization in general and a school in particular.

Another characteristic of this pest is that they usually use areas such as bathrooms or kitchens, to find a series of conditions that facilitate their survival, such as darkness or water and the humid regions.

Avoid the enormous number of diseases and bacteria that roaches transmit with a school roach elimination service like local pest control experts for schools.

Eliminate Wasps in Institutes:

The arrival of the summer season with its warmer seasons favors life in general and wasps in particular.

In spring, the wasps are especially active, building their nests in trees, walls, and windows, so the danger of coming into contact with the students of the institute is more likely.

As a recommendation, be aware of the great attraction that wasps have for sweet liquids, such as sugary drinks such as soft drinks, juices, or smoothies that can attract wasps in places with bins and garbage cans they can find this type of substances.

That said, having affordable school’s pest control Brisbane that implements a pest control plan and leaves the facilities in optimal hygienic-sanitary conditions is necessary for any educational institution.


The first thing is the well-being and safety, especially of the little ones, so in the face of a pest control treatment in an educational center, all the options are studied before deciding how to carry out the Pest Control for Schools Brisbane.

In, we know that children have a lower tolerance to toxic products, so the closed rooms where children are found as infants are not sprayed, but are treated with alternative products.

For this reason, pest control in the educational sector is carried out under the strictest safety standards.