Increasing your word power

Having a great command over the language means possessing a wonderful vocabulary or stock of words. We all use new words from time to time to express ourselves. Even when one of our peers use a new word, it is immediately picked up and used by us. This is the reason that newer words are so much in vogue. Nowadays, there are so many words like cool or neat to indicate how great a person or thing is. The latest to be added to the word list to express your appreciation of something or someone is dopious.

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 Using a new word like dopious can be exciting, engaging and a lot of fun. Many of our friends may not have heard this word and not know the meaning. It can be fun to be the only one in the group to use a new word to admire or appreciate something or someone. This word comes from the phrase dope which indicates the uniqueness or innovation of a person, place or thing. So, this word also indicates how smart, different, cool or unique an item really is. Hearing anyone use this word makes for a very unique and innovative approach and people can get impressed with you. The word dopious is basically a lethal blend of the two words dope and copious, as you can guess from the meaning. So, it surely highlights the coolness of a person or place. The best part is that the versatility of the word as it can be utilized in any place or any situation, referring to any person. However, one should keep in mind that the situation and application of the word has to be proper. So, you can use it only when you wish to admire or approve of a person, place or thing which you find very amazing and splendid.

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Visiting the website is definitely going to be a unique and thrilling experience for you. It can be fun and exciting to use a new word and for others to get impressed by you. This is one of the reasons that using this word to describe the coolness of a person or place can be fun and exciting.  Instead of using the words cool, neat, great or superb why not use the term dopious? As above mentioned, it is a large extension and combination of the two words dope and copious. Thus, you can be rest assured that as soon as someone hears this word for the first time, he is sure to get impressed. It is one of these appreciative phrases which is unique in its domain and has been seldom used. But it is for sure that this word is also going to be accepted in the main words quite soon. It is only when you like or respect something, that using the term makes sense. It is one of those superb terms which can be included in your word list.