The ITI college‘s mission is to provide the students with entry-level skills in the Industrial instrumentation certificate program and related career fields and offer entry-level instrument technicians that will meet industrial needs.

Program Description

The institution prepares individuals to install, manage, troubleshoot, and repair different types of measuring and control instruments and peripherals, such as transmitting, regulating, indicating, recording, and controlling devices, final elements, visual tools, and control systems.

Specialized classroom instruction will be offered along with practical shop experience in the areas of electronics, motor controls, and different types of measuring systems. All these are covered in the Industrial instrumentation certificate program. Students are accorded a Technical certificate upon satisfactory completion of the certificate curriculum.

Students transferring into the program must take a minimum of twelve hours of technical coursework to be eligible to graduate with an Associate’s Degree in Industrial Instrumentation.


Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Industrial instrumentation program will be able to:

  • Recognize the technical terms and naming used in industrial Measurement and industrial process control.
  • Recognize and demonstrate the ability to use basic principles of electronics and electricity.
  • Recognize the principles of industrial processes, process measurement, and process control.
  • Recognize and demonstrate technical skills and abilities in the calibration and usage of equipment used in Industrial-process measurement and control.
  • Show proper safety practices used in the Measurement and control of technical procedures.
  • Show skills in troubleshooting problems with measurement gadgets, process controls, and industrial processes.
  • Show essential occupational and necessary skills.
  • Recognizecontrol loops, process controls, and control strategies

Once you have the industrial instrumentation certificate program, you can pursue a career in industrial instrumentation technology.