Industrial Style Decoration with Plumbing Pipes

Some say that the industrial style was born with the same name’s revolution almost two centuries ago. Of course, you might not be an expert, but it might seem to you, when we talk about decoration, that it is more accurate to say, as others say, that it emerged in the United States in the 50s of the last century.

At this time, many warehouses, factories, and workshops in urban areas are abandoned due to their need to find better-communicated locations with lower maintenance costs. These spaces are occupied, sometimes illegally, for residential use, and this is the germ, in my opinion, and that of many others, of industrial-style decoration.

Converting a workshop into a home is not easy, especially if you want to do it without spending a lot of money. Thus, this decorative style was based in its beginnings on reusing the materials present in these spaces, predominating, among others, almost bare metals, wood with a worn appearance, and obsolete machinery. And these are, still today, the most used materials in this type of decoration.

Plumbing Pipes in Industrial Decoration

In industrial architecture (workshops, factories, etc.), all facilities are visible. Air conditioning ducts, electrical networks, water pipes, and structural elements such as beams and pillars can be seen. Thus, when these spaces began to be inhabited, these same materials turned to furniture and decorative elements. An example can be seen in climate-related plumbing in buildings, and you’ll need climate control plumbing to really make an impact in such buildings.

Dining Table Made With Plumbing Pipes

A table can be made from galvanized iron pipes; Are you in doubt? Perform a simple Google search to get ideas and samples of dining tables made from pipes.

You can do almost anything with pipes and plumbing fixtures.

The pipes that we usually use in plumbing are a very versatile material for this type of furniture, as will be proven in other projects of this type that are already underway by our plumbing contractors. But the limits for these pieces are only in our imagination.

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