Information on Makers of Carbon Fiber Bikes for Mountain Bike Riding

Many people have as a hobby or form of exercise Mountain Bike riding. This is using a bike that is specifically designed mostly for off-road bicycling. These bikes are built to be fairly lightweight and comfortable for riding in areas where bikes are really not meant to go. 

Carbon fiber bikes

A good bike with MTB frames is a performance bike that is made of carbon fiber. These bikes have a:

  • Lightweight frame
  • Front or full suspension
  • Large tires that are knobby
  • Durable wheels
  • Brakes that are powerful
  • Lower gear ratios.

All of this is important for climbing steep grades. The carbon fiber bikes are considered the best performance bikes with the best material to make a racing bike.

Rinascita bike

Rinasclta Bike is a leading manufacturer of OEM carbon fiber bikes with more than 8 years of experience making bikes that are:

  • Faster
  • Lighter
  • More aerodynamic

They have released new products for 2020 that can be seen on their website.

More on this company

Their factory was opened in 2011, specializing in manufacturing carbon bicycle frames, rim/wheels, forks, and other components that are needed for a good mountain bike. Since that time, they now have 2 factories, a carbon bike frame factory in Shenzhen and a carbon rim factory is Xiamen with a business to a business overseas team located in Warsaw, Poland. This company has built relationships with many clients in Europe including in Poland, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy. This company is considered to be the leading manufacturers of OEM carbon fiber bikes in the world.

Blog articles

Their website has a blog with several interesting articles with one of specific note being on the care that needs to be taken when buying a Chinese carbon bike online. It seems that you need to take care as China constructs and sells many counterfeit Mountain Bike models.