Interesting things that you must do to experience Chennai

Chennai, known for its diverse and unique culture is the oldest cosmopolitan cities in India. Instead of westernization and rapid development of Chennai, it maintains its culture and traditional values. Being the Gateway of South India, it attracts travellers from all parts of the world.  If you are planning to visit Chennai from Singapore, then you can book Singapore to Chennai flight to experience the beauty of Chennai. Here mentioned are some of the top things that you should do in Chennai.

  • Explore Koyambedu Market

One of the busiest localities in Chennai, Koyambedu market is famous for wholesale food market and has the biggest bus terminal. This wholesale market receives food grains and vegetables produced in different parts of the country and then it is distributed to the suburban and the city areas. If you wish to get your hands on fresh food grains and green vegetables, you should visit this market.

  • Enjoy the first day first show of Chennai’s movie

The Tamil film industry is very popular and the people of Chennai are very fond of these Tamilian movies. The release of Rajnikanth’s movie is celebrated as a festival over here. The best thing that you can experience in Chennai is the masses enjoying the release of movies of their favorite stars. Go for a Tamil movie and if possible the first day-first show.

  • Enjoy South Indian Foods for breakfast

Idli and Dosa are the two most popular South Indian foods. Just like burgers and Pizza are famous in the western countries, south India is famous for Rava, Indi, dosa, uttapam and so much more. A dinner or a breakfast is incomplete without a plate of dosa or steamed idlis with coconut chutney dips and sambhar. You can have varieties of Dosa like Onion dosa, cheese dosa, masala dosa, Ghee dosa which tastes heavenly especially when served with chutneys and sambar. Some of the famous restaurants to try out South Indian foods are Vasantha Bhavan, Saravan Bhavan, Balaji Bhavan and others. These restaurants have various outlets, so you can try out the one closest to your locality.

  • Try out the juicy chicken 65 at Buhari Hotel

You must have heard of the recipe chicken 65? Obviously yes! Chicken 65 was first introduced in Buhari Hotel by A.M. Buhari in 1965. From then onwards, the recipe has been named as chicken 65 which is usually taken as a starter.

  • Marina Beach is a must

Chennai is a coastal region having lot of beaches but the very famous one that draws tourist attraction is the Marina Beach. Some of the important landmarks are situated on this urban beach like memorials, St. George Fort, statues and other lighthouses.