Introduction to Online Casino Dice Gambling

Dice Gambling Games are also known as Sicbo Games in Casino. This time, the gambling agent will invite you to play the Real Money Online Dice Gambling game on the Online Casino site. Because the Dice / Sicbo Gambling Game is also very interesting to play. Which is an easy game to play too at

Regarding the early history of the discovery of the game Sicbo is as follows. Sicbo / Dadu is a game that originated from the kingdom in China which is thought to have been discovered in the 20th century by aristocrats. Then in the 1980s this game was spread and began to enter one of the gambling games in foreign casinos during massive immigration. This Dice Gambling Game itself happens to use three dice such as its key tool.

Here are some bets that are usually provided in dice gambling games:

Big or Small Bets. With 3 dice, the total result for the total value of the dice is 18. Then the value that can be bet on large or small bets provided that 4-10 is a small value, and 11-17 is a large value. However, the value of 3 and value of 18 is the value of the bookie profit, that is, it will be won directly for the dealer called the House Edge.

Bet Odd or Even. As the name implies, an even or odd bet is a bet by choosingan even number (4,6,8 etc.) or an odd number (5, 7, 9 etc.) to bet. It must be noted that there happens to be still advantages for the house edge.

Bet the Total Value of the Dice. One of the other interesting bets that you can play is the bet by determining the total value of the dice that comes out. If you have great luck, you deserve to try this game. Even though it depends on the casino where you play, of course the prize will be quite large. You only need to select and place a bet on a column of numbers between 4 and 17.