Invest Early and Retire Rich: Here’s How

Lucky are those who are born with a silver spoon. Not only do they not worry about their existing financial condition, they do not have to even worry about their future. Others who strive to achieve success financially often fail because they lack the precision to make disciplinary investments. Others climb the ladder of financial success because they have a defined set of goals and craft an investment strategy accordingly. Planning is essential when it comes to investing. Those who plan their finances often do not worry about their future, especially when it comes to building a retirement corpus.

If you too are keen on building a retirement corpus so that you can spend all the money you saved throughout your professional career, here are a few simple tips that might help you retire early:

Start planning early

The biggest mistake most investors do is that they do not give importance to retirement planning at an early stage in their lives. If you really want to build a commendable corpus over the long term then you need to give your money an opportunity to grow. It’s time to let the money do the hard work for you. If you start investing in retirement after you cross the age of 40, that will leave you hardly 15 to 20 years in hand to build a retirement corpus. And if you have financial goals like buying a retirement home or want to give your daughter a destination wedding, you may not be able to build accumulated wealth with such a limited investment horizon.

Diversify your retirement investment portfolio

The best way to make sure that you do not keep all your eggs in one basket is by diversifying your investment portfolio. Depending on your risk appetite, you can have a mix of traditional investments as well as modern market linked schemes. While modern investments like mutual funds carry high risk, they also hold the potential to generate capital appreciation over the long term. On the other hand conservative retirement plans give a financial cushion to the portfolio as they offer low but fixed amounts at the end of the investment tenure. National Pension Scheme (NPS) is a government scheme that offers guaranteed returns. This product is available for employees of both private and non-private sector as well as for employees of non-organized sector. You can also invest in evaluating your existing investments to determine how much money you are investing and how much more you will be investing in order to get closer to your financial goal. Do remember that you also need to have money to take care of your day to day expenses like utility bills, groceries, house rent, travel expenses etc. Take everything into consideration before investing.

Start an SIP in a retirement fund

A Systematic Investment Plan is an easy and convenient way for anyone who wishes to achieve capital appreciation over the long term. SIP may work just fine with investors looking to retire rich. With SIP all you need to do is inform your bank following which every month on a fixed date a predetermined amount is debited from your savings account and electronically transferred to the retirement fund. One can invest small amounts at regular intervals via SIP and in the process benefit from several benefits like power of compounding and rupee cost averaging.

Also if you really want to retire rich, then you may have to stop all your unwanted expenses. In order to enjoy a happy and stress free retirement life, one may have to continue systematic investing over the long term. Only if they do they stand a chance of achieving long term capital appreciation.