Everyone desires the best and, most times does all they can to attain their aim. What do you think? Is timeshare worth it? What are the benefits and risks? If a timeshare company offers you a free ticket to a show or dinner discount or a hotel stay for you to embark on a brief meeting, it clearly shows you are embarking on a long trip.  You need to remember that getting a timeshare refund may require an attorney such as The People’s Advocate.

Having a vacation place that you can render as your place once a year has specific benefits because it often comes with an option to trade places globally and nationally. But, don’t get too excited because as there are exciting benefits, there are also risks involved that you have to be knowledgeable about before venturing into a lifelong commitment.

You need to know that timeshare does not have to be seen as an investment like a retirement fund plan or stocks. Hence, you might ponder if the timeshare is worth the effort for you to attend the presentation or get a free vacation. Learning about the benefits and risks involving timeshare may help you place your decision rightly and help you know if it is worth it in the long run.

Benefits of Having a Timeshare

When you know that you cannot render a timeshare an investment, the following are the benefits that a timeshare will enjoy.

  • Free of worrying about where to get a vacation

For people who love a vacation in a particular place each year, then a timeshare is an excellent choice for you. It is an ideal place you will want to visit each year for the foreseeable future. If you love stability, predictability, and routine, then you have no problem because you will have a remarkable experience.

You will have the privilege of choosing where to get your vacation home in a different location of lesser or equal value, and the best part is that no additional time or planning is required.

It is not because customers want to visit the same place each year that is why they usually purchase a timeshare. Instead, it is because they want to visit different properties in the portfolio of the timeshare company. But doing such requires some planning that if knowing your vacation date within a year, it also requires additional fees to exchange points for another property or your week.

  • No maintenance of the property is required-:

You are responsible for the financial keeping of the timeshare property in the best way through the means of annual dues, but that doesn’t mean you are to take care of the maintenance or improvement. The timeshare company is in charge of that aspect.

  • It is more accessible financially to buying a home for vacation-:

In 2019, the American Resort Development Association (ARDA), an industry advocacy group, says that $22,942 is the average sales price for a week timeshare. But in an early survey from ARDA, half of the timeshare owners said that they paid less than $10,000 for each of their timeshare, which was significantly less than what a person would pay to get a condo vacation.

  • Timeshare is known to be Spacious-:

The bedrooms of the timeshare are very spacious. The bedrooms are separated from the areas of living in addition to square footage. And it also has a kitchen, dryer, and ensuite washer. The condo industry saw timeshare as a way to unload its excess inventory.

There are amenities found in timeshares, such as hot tubs, swimming pools, beach access, a gym, and more.

What is the risk involved in buying a timeshare?

  • Persuasion of buying what you can’t afford-:

Just the way you walk into a car dealership, the timeshare agents will show you what they render as the best and primarily the highest offer first. Before you know, they will persuade you into buying it with you being aware of what you are doing.

  • It has pricey financing-:

With a traditional mortgage, you can successfully finance a timeshare. You are not purchasing property ownership because that is what mortgage lends as collateral when the loan goes sour. If you decide on financing a timeshare, you might choose to add financing through the timeshare company and get a personal loan with no restrictions for usage and the proceeds of a loan at home equity or instead of using a credit card.


So what do you think? With all the listed benefits and risks above, do you think timeshare is worth the effort? If so, before you conclude on anything, try to do your research. Check how much it will cost to vacation in the places you desire, and also research any property of your choice that you are about to tour online.