Is an AquaBare system worth the money?

If you are looking into water filtration options, congratulations!  That means you are more informed and health conscious than most of the general public.  With tap water pollution becoming an ever growing problem and well water being contaminated by PFOAs and heavy metals, it is critically important that you provide yourself and your loved ones with safe drinking water, not only in emergencies but in your day to day life as well.

Most homes are equipped with faucets that can feed a countertop water filtration system with ease, however, AquaBare is the only brand worth buying. If you have been researching home water filtration options, chances are you have already come across this name – and if so – here’s why:

The AquaBare countertop system is superior to any other similar product on the market for a number of reasons. For starters, unlike similarly priced competitors, it uses genuine 100% pure activated coconut shell carbon made from renewable resources. This means that it will last longer and not silt up as easily as regular cheap poor quality carbon usually found in cheaper systems which use coal or lignite based carbon instead, or ceramic candlestick filters with a handful of granular carbon inside.  It is possible to get the same standards of purification from other brands, however AquaBare offers the same quality at a lower price.

Speaking of the competition, AquaBare offers the largest volume systems in the industry.  Their Platinum 6.6 gallon system dwarfs the competition and is popular amongst church groups, summer camps, office buildings, and homes with large families. The larger system volume is very convenient for refilling reusable water bottles or stockpiling clean drinking water for emergency situations.

Since the Platinum system has the capacity to operate with 6 black elements, it can purify a large volume of water very quickly which makes it ideal for camping or van life. All you need to do is assemble the system, screw the filters in, add water, and in a matter of minutes your campsite will have gallons of clean water that can be used for cooking, drinking, showering, or anything else you may need fresh water for.

Despite the large size of the chambers, AquaBare systems are very easy to transport. The chambers will nest inside each other which makes it very easy to simply stick the system in a cabinet or closet in your RV without taking up precious space. This means you will never have to spend money buying gallons of water for your camping or hunting trips ever again.

In summary, an Aquabare system is well worth the money. Not only will the convenience change your life, but filtering your own tap water will save you countless dollars that would have been spent buying bottled water. That isn’t even considering the plastic pollution that will be saved by switching your family away from bottled water.  Not only is AquaBare the best choice for your wallet, but it is the easiest way to improve your health and help mother nature out at the same time.  It truly is a win-win.