Is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Right for You?

While most everyone goes through some level of debt in their lifetimes, for many, it can become impossible to repay. Too much debt can leave a person feeling as if they are drowning. With no relief in sight, people often become depressed and begin to panic. Thankfully, there are options to help individuals overcome their debt legally. Knowing about these options is essential for those who need fast relief.

How Can People Overcome Their Debts Legally?

No matter the debt, it can weigh on a person’s emotions, leading to a great level of stress. When a person has done all, they possibly can to overcome their debt, there is always the option of Bankruptcy. This legal option allows a person’s unsecured debt to be absolved, giving them a fresh start. Individuals who are interested need to learn about their options and the steps involved in applying for this legal process.

Chapter 7 first involves a person seeking help from an attorney. The attorney will assist their client in filling out the necessary paperwork and going through means-testing. Means testing is the process by which a person is found to be eligible for Chapter 7. If the individual does not make over the median income in their state, they may be approved.

Once a person has been approved for Chapter 7, their debts are absolved by the courts, as long as they are unsecured debts. Some debts, such as student loans, cannot be absolved and would still be the responsibility of the debtor.

How to Get Started

To get started on the process, an individual needs to first schedule an appointment with the attorney. The attorney will need to obtain information on the debts owed, the income, and the assets owned by the person. The more accurate information the individual can supply, the better the chances of the attorney being able to help.

Chapter 7 is a fairly short type of bankruptcy. It is typically settled within six weeks, depending on the case. Most people prefer this over other types because it allows them to get out of their debts as quickly as possible. Those debts that are absolved never have to be repaid.

When someone hires an attorney, the attorney takes over all the steps involved in the process. Individuals can rest assured the attorney will help them with the paperwork and the hearings that may be involved.

Although individuals undoubtedly have the right to seek Chapter 7 without legal help, this is not advised. Getting help from an attorney makes the process much easier.


Dealing with mounting debt can be extremely stressful. Thankfully, individuals do not have to handle it alone. Taking the necessary steps to get help with debt begins with scheduling a consultation appointment with the attorney. An attorney will go over the debts, income, and assets, to determine if Chapter 7 is a good fit.

No one should have to go through dealing with mounting debt alone. There is legal help to be found. Call today to schedule a consultation to get started.