Is it only the virus that you need protection from?

2020 made a major impact on our life, work, and social communication. Work shifted home and home shifted to work. We had to stay home to keep ourselves safe. But were we really safe at home? Upsurge in domestic violence was seen in hard times like the covid pandemic. This led to the question of women safety outside and within the verandahs of a home. To help aid this distress, technology has evolved to bring apps like the UrSafe, a personal safety app that provides SOS assistance at any time and anywhere.

With the covid pandemic onset, work from home culture slipped in. Well, it wasn’t the case for some employees. Buses and trains lowered in frequencies and missing out on them caused a long wait. Simply just waiting for the bus in the late hours comes with so many life-threatening uncertainties none of us wish to experience. But to safeguard yourself today there are tools like a security app that provides easy help. To get proper assistance, apps like these have a simple user interface. Moreover, they provide voice-triggered safewords. This is done if one is unable to use their phone in difficult situations.

Today we are dwelling in a pandemic, where threats could be minimal but when life restarts, again the dangers of the world, strangers, and frightening glares would come in. Keep the security app in check, it gives you updates and the live location of your loved ones. If you are a family worried about your child who is just 2 doors away or a friend who is worried about another friend studying abroad, UrSafe, also a family safety app, helps you keep track of your loved ones at any hour of the day. It’s a frightening world out there, but kids are to explore what’s past the fear, hence safety becomes essential.

Safety concerns are no excuse to cross the bridge at the next lane or to explore a new city at night. But at the same time, it’s essential to be smart about your safety measures. Wherever you travel, carry the safety app in your pocket. So whenever there is trouble faced, speak your safewords and the app will automatically voice activate the SOS alert. Your emergency contacts will get notified, and the app will also enable live streaming of the situation. Next time when you travel make sure a personal security app is added to your checklist.

Lastly, be brave. Keep your emergency contacts updated, remember your safewords. It’s important that you keep yourself aware of the surroundings you are in all the time. Even when waiting for a bus late in the night or heading home post school hours, keep alert and stop feeling unsafe. Exploration comes with uncertainties and risks, but to back you up with safety, security apps today are alerted and emergency drilled. Keep exploring and keep in check for smart safety.