Is SeaTable a Next Generation Spreadsheet Solution?


SeaTable GmbH is one of the best app developing companies with its headquarter in Mainz. Its other office is in Beijing and Berlin. Dr.Ralf and Christoph are the founder brothers of SeaTable solution. They have a goal of leading the European market with their Next-generation Spreadsheet Solution. Their tagline is – SeaTable – Simple Like Excel, Powerful Like A Database

To a great extent, they have achieved this goal as the demand for their software is escalating daily. Requests are received from around the globe and in this pandemic situation where working remotely is the new norm there is a need for better team collaboration for the success of projects. SeaTable offers them the flexibility to work collaboratively, efficiently, and productively from anywhere around the globe. 

In 2020, SeaTable spreadsheet solution was made available to the world. It enables the user to organize, plan, design, produce, track, and analyze project progress in real-time. It allows gaining positive results and enhancing productivity. The way information is processed on a single platform has made working in a team look simple. Spreadsheets never allowed such flexibility in the past. 

SeaTable software allows collaborative information management. All kinds of data can be captured, structured, and analyzed. The data is entered via an intuitive spread-sheer interface and custom web forms. There are 20+ different column types along with features like filter, sort, and group to keep data organized. Classic evaluation tools like charts and pivot tables offer app-oriented visualization like map views, gallery, Kanban, and Gantt charts. For collaboration, SeaTable supports data exchange within the team and even external partners in different ways. 

The latest update of SeaTable Server and SeaTable Cloud offers plenty of new features and improvements. The view navigation is dockable, a new conditional structuring helps with huge data sets, quantitative analysis is made easy with enhanced data processing operation. All the duplicates in the table can be identified with conditional formatting rather than using a plugin. 

Today, with a team working remotely, it is hard to stay updated due to which productivity suffers a lot. With SeaTable as a hub, project managers can plan every step. Team meetings can be scheduled, participants can be invited, and topic boards & agendas can be created in advance. Later, the meeting minutes and crucial documents can be directly stored in the table for team members who were unable to find out. In this way, nothing gets lost or miscommunicated….everything is available in print. 

Optimal preparation is attained via custom views, notification rules, chat function, and agenda. For follow-up, every detail is listed and saved for future reference. 

SeaTable offers three different versions including SeaTable Cloud, SeaTable Dedicated, and SeaTable Enterprise Server. Ready-to-use templates are made available on their website – It includes student planners, wedding planners, project management, literature management, art gallery management, content marketing strategy, campaign planning, product launch, location visualization, and much more. Follow SeaTable on YouTube to watch multiple helpful videos and quick start training so get registered for FREE!