Is Sociology A Good Optional For IAS Exam

To become an IAS officer one must clear Civil Services Exam which is held by the UPSC board. This exam is considered one of the toughest exams of Indian Education. The syllabus is very vast and it covers almost all the topics like geography, literacy, secularism, socialism human resource, etc. 

Candidates have the leverage to select the subjects as optional which they feel they could easily appear for and score marks. For instance, if the candidate is opting for the subject sociology as optional he is required to take Sociology optional coaching in Delhi so that he gets to study in dept. about the subject.

In this scenario, proper preparation will enable anyone to answer the questions correctly saving time and boosting confidence. Although you get bundles of modules and study material if you are not well prepared then you cannot clear the exam. 

Even with books and notes students tend to rely on general information from magazines, newspapers, and the internet. This will help the candidate in engaging more with the current situation of the country. Having the latest updates about the policies and schemes will eventually add up to the knowledge. 

Syllabus of sociology:

The sociology optional syllabus for UPSC is vast; it is conducted in two phases i.e. paper 1 and paper 2. We will discuss the syllabus in detail below:

  • Paper 1 deals with the fundamentals of sociology, sociology as science, its research, and analysis. In detail about the economic status and politics of the country. One major part of the syllabus is based on the theories of modernization. 
  • Paper 2 comprises Indian society, the social structure of rural and urban India. In-depth study of secularism, democratic changes, urbanization, and religions across India.

There is much more to this, you can refer to the syllabus sheet or internet for a broader picture about the syllabus of sociology. The sociology test series is an easy task for those who are hardworking and from the same background. To get to the top you must get enrolled in the top institutes that will guide you and help you clear the CS examination. The total time invested in the preparation eventually leads to good results. Once you become an IAS officer, your responsibilities will shoot up. 

IAS officer is considered as one of the highest governmental posts in the Indian Government. All the knowledge you have gathered from books, modules, and magazines will lead to easy implementation of the ideas for the betterment of society. 

Relation between sociology and IAS officer duties: 

Sociology is considered one of the most relatable subjects in practical life, it helps with new policies, schemes, and developments. As an IAS officer mostly deals with all the rural and urban development, it becomes easy for him to apply his knowledge in current situations. 

It is of utmost importance that an IAS officer uses his powers in the right way and does well for the citizens of India. He is usually allowed to travel to other countries too.

To summarize, sociology optional is a very productive subject in the UPSC CS Mains exam, through this optional the candidate will get to score good marks besides improving your writing skills. You must be informed that writing exams in UPSC is tough and requires more literacy skills. The better you can express your ideas and points the higher chances of you’re getting good marks. You must keep the reader engaged throughout so that he finds it interesting to correct your paper. Last but not least, use of google word coach tool can help improve your vocabulary and is must for UPSC preparation.

However, hard work always pays you good results! Prepare well and get a chance to become an IAS officer.