Jersey for Sale: NBA Shirts for 2020

Brands such as Nike or New Era take advantage of the start of the season to also release their new collections of official clothing and accessories for top-level teams. If you are a fan of the NBA or you like to dress with a basketball roll than we can help you out to Kobe jersey for sale, you cannot miss all the news that we tell you below!

Miami Heat Kit

Miami Heat was the first and last team the great Dwyane Wade played for. If a player of his stature chooses this team both to start and finish his basketball career, it will be for a reason!

The Heat have a relatively recent history since the club was founded in 1988. Of course, in its short history they have won the NBA championship final three times, two of them in consecutive years.

The standard is black with red and white accents. The City model is a basketball jersey with a more retro style due to the touches of pink and light blue with the Miami letters in an eighty’s aesthetic.

Chicago Bulls Kit

The great rival to beat during the 90s. It was the golden age of basketball in the United States thanks, in large part, to the Chicago Bulls. And it is that the Illinois team made the NBA their own and won most of the finals at that time. Although the Bulls have not won a cup since then, they remain a legendary club that remains in the memories of all basketball fans. Impossible to forget the great plays of Michael Jordan.

One of the main jerseys of the Chicago Bulls maintains the classic red color and includes the famous bull logo on the sides of the pants. The City version of their uniform is more innovative, with black, light blue and a series of red stars on the chest.

Its popularity has continued, especially now that it is part of the sportiest urban fashion. That’s why Nike has unveiled a red Chicago Bulls hoodie with a modern design. For its part, New Era the classic image of the club with a black cap decorated with the red bull logo.

Los Angeles Lakers kit

The Los Angeles Lakers, the team captained by LeBron James, has accumulated 16 NBA cups. It is also one of the most renowned clubs in the world and we could even see Pau Gasol in its squad for several seasons.

The Lakers’ home shirt in 2020 is yellow with matching pants and purple details. In Lakers mamba jersey we sell all related to sports. In the third kit they bet on white accompanied by the other two classic colors in the team.

For your city style you can wear the black sports sweatshirt with the yellow logo on the chest. It also has the Nike and NBA seals in large size so that it is clearly visible that you are wearing an official garment of this California state basketball team.

Vintage-style fashion is also coming to LA Lakers in a black tracksuit set with pops of purple and yellow. In addition to being decorated with logos, it also has the name of the club written on the back of the jacket.

The collection ends with two different models of caps created by the New Era brand. The first is the classic with a purple design and a large embroidered logo. If you prefer a different style, you also have the second model in a turquoise tone. In this cap the name of Los Angeles is repeated in several places both by the team and by the city it represents.

Golden State Warriors Kit

The popularity of the Golden State Warriors has grown a lot in recent years thanks to players like Stephen Curry and victories in the 2015, 2017 and 2018 NBA Finals. As a result, more and more people are looking for their official kits to turn them into sportswear for your clothing collection.

One of the most popular jerseys for this team from San Francisco, California, is blue with yellow touches. It can be combined with shorts in the same colors or with the white kit. Another version of the Warriors jersey is committed to gray and a more Asian aesthetic.

Golden State’s casual clothing line includes club-stamped shirts and a cap that’s perfect for your streetwear look. If you are looking for a sporty style with a retro cut, then you have to take a look at the official tracksuit designed by Nike. It is a set of jacket and pants with a very showy combination of yellow and blue.

Boston Celtics Kit

The more than 70-year history of the Boston Celtics has been an exciting one. It’s the team that has won the NBA the most times! They have achieved it 17 times, the last in 2008. Larry Bird, Bill Russell and Kyrie Irving are just a few names of stars who have been part of their squad.

The image of this Massachusetts club is closely tied to Irish culture. It is noticeable above all in the logo and also in the colors they usually use. For this reason, both the main and secondary jerseys of their kit combine green and white.

The pants feature a three-leaf clover at the waist, while the cap features the logo featuring a friendly leprechaun from Irish mythology. The Boston Celtics sweatshirt is green, has a hood and a central pocket.