Kamasutra for him all sex positions

The original positions of the Kamasutra are all extremely pleasant and original, and are also ideal for satisfying both men and women. The routine is left on the sidelines to give space to sexy and extravagant fantasies and stunts.

The missionary, as we know, is romantic and underrated, but sometimes it is much more beautiful to try to discover new pleasant joints. In the Kamasutra it is possible to find any existing position, even the most unthinkable ones, not to mention oral sex! Well yes! Everyone wants an intense shaking orgasm and long sex  to shake things up a bit and overheat the situation with their partner through unknown sex moves, so you need to understand which are the most exciting and enjoyable.

Before going further, it is right to specify what Kamasutra is. The latter is simply the manual par excellence of all possible erotic positions. In addition, there is also a part that deals with love relationships and caring for business, but these are not particularly interesting topics at the moment, as are the best positions for making love.

Men love women to take initiative, but they go even madder to dominate. Here are the best positions of the Kamasutra designed especially for him.

Spider position: reaching orgasm together requires chemistry and concentration, but with this position it will be child’s play. She bends her back like a toe as he holds her up from his butt and is kneeling between her two legs.

Position of the fruit tree: the name of this position is quite extravagant, but it will surely appeal to both of us. The woman has to turn on her back and place one leg on his chest. The other, on the other hand, is raised and extended to allow for an even more insistent and deep penetration.

Bamboo position: also in this case, she is lying on her back, but instead of her leg, she carries her ankle on the shoulders of the man, who is kneeling behind her. Not simple, but to try and keep in mind to have a look on the best porn categories 2022 https://bestporn2022.com/channels/

Position of the plow: the woman must be lying on her back on the bed, almost at the edge of her. The man from behind can adjust the depth and pleasure of her by fixing her legs around her hips.

Position of the courtesan: this position is very similar to the previous one, although he must necessarily be kneeling to favor a deep penetration.

Position of the anvil: for this union it is necessary to get busy with foreplay. In fact, she must be lying flat on the bed and lifting both her legs to rest them on his chest.

The union of the oyster: also in this case the woman is lying down and crashes, but her legs remain crouched under her belly. He, from behind, pushes in a sensual and active way.