Key Services for Smile Makeovers

It sometimes becomes hard to smile even at the funniest joke when you lack confidence in your teeth. If you always cover your mouth when laughing, you could be in need of a smile makeover. In Tomball, Texas, there are reliable dental care centers ready to make you feel good about your smile. They use different cosmetic dentistry procedures intended to enhance the appearance of your dental structure. Competent centers will even offer customized treatments, hence making the shape of the teeth perfectly fit you. Visit Tomball smile makeover experts for a well-personalized procedure. What are the different services for a smile makeover?

Dental Bonding

This procedure efficiently makes the teeth look better by working on the imperfections of the teeth. You could be having some cracks, chips, and minor gaps which are noticeable from afar. A dentist will use composite resin in addressing such imperfections. This non-invasive procedure entails applying a resin layer around the teeth then directing a special light. Through the radiation, there will be a strong bonding between the teeth and the resin.

Dental Crowns

Teeth cavities often eat through the teeth’ enamel hence altering the beauty of the smile. It could also emerge after physical stress, such as after an accident. Luckily, there are cosmetic and restorative procedures that can enhance the beauty of the teeth set. A dental crown resembles a normal tooth and perfectly fits over the existing damaged teeth. You could also be having a broken dental implant, and crowning will help you as well.

Teeth Whitening

The white color of the teeth highly promotes the attractiveness of your smile. Some instances interfere with this, and a good example is staining as a result of tobacco use. Taking the medication with tetracycline and drinking coffee can cause discoloration as well.

As we age, the outer layer of a tooth structure (enamel) can wear off. This leads to more exposure of the dentin layer, which is yellow. It means that your teeth will gradually lose the bright white color with time.

Teeth whitening is a treatment that efficiently reverses discoloration through the use of medical-grade solutions. These substances usually sip into the teeth’ structure. Your dentist can direct particular blue-light radiation over the teeth to cause a more bleaching effect. However, the effect usually is temporary, but the longevity depends on your lifestyle changes. Reducing consumption of coffee and quitting smoking tobacco can extend the benefits.

Dental Implants

Missing teeth is another common reason you may be self-conscious whenever smiling. It can end when you seek dental implant solutions. The specialists typically drive a metal screw into the jaw bone. It usually acts as your teeth’ root as it firmly adheres to the bone. After some months, tissues will grow around it, adding more mechanical support. From here, the crown is fitted, which results in an implant that, in all ways, looks like a regular tooth. Such procedures are not only efficient but safe as well.

A smile makeover can go a long way in ensuring you have confidence. Issues such as missing teeth and minor imperfections such as cracks and discoloration can negatively affect your dental aesthetics. Procedures such as teeth whitening and dental bonding through smile makeovers will work wonders in transforming your smile.