Know the truth about the IQ option broker

IQ Option enables clients to trade a wide range of financial instruments and assets, including bilateral options, stocks, forex, and cryptocurrencies. IQ Choice Ltd was founded in 2013, quickly becoming one of the world’s fastest-growing website trading platforms and claiming to have more than 20 million account holders worldwide. IQ Option entirely complies and is wholly allowed to sell its goods to customers in a variety of jurisdictions. IQoption tutorials are important and it’s given below.

Registration of IQ Option

You can proceed after you have entered your details and created a password. You can start trading directly through your practical account when you are finished or upgrade your real account. A pop-up will remind you of your practice account creation and your actual account creation. IQ Option has developed a proprietary platform, making it an enjoyable experience to navigate the site. The platform is well designed and has an intuitive approach, and it is easy to find all different tools and features. The free demo account also allows users to trade in all the underlying properties. This will enable users to quickly switch between their assets and a range of options concerning types of businesses. The platform provides a variety of charts like Bollinger strips and moving averages to increase the trading capacity.

IQ Option Deposits

A minimum deposit of USD 10 / GBP / EUR is available with the IQ option. No deposit fees are charged for the IQ alternative. Your preferred deposit form can be selected.

You will have to go through an account verification process in the EU to make your first deposit, which involves the addition of your phone, personal information, trading experience, and photo identification upload. The various countries have specific conditions and must also be checked during the withdrawal from the site. IQ Option provides its customers with several means to deposit and withdraw from and to their business accounts. Users may also use Maestro and Visa Electron debit services or credit cards such as Visa and Master Card.

The minimum amount of withdrawal is $2, whereas the estimated time of departure is one business day. There is the possibility to pay via Wire transfer. IQ Option does not allow deposits via PayPal as from the time it is written. However, this is an option for the platform.

Withdrawal of IQ Option

The method used varies depending on the deposit method when it comes to withdrawal funds from your IQ Option account. If you deposit with a credit card or debit card, the original deposit must be deducted on the account. Only your credit or debit card, including deposits made within the last 90 days, can cancel that amount if you process this transaction as a repayment. Any income over this amount must be withdrawn from your e-wallet or bank transfer.

The options for e-wallets are the same as for deposits, such as Skrill, Web Money, and NE teller. Alternatively, through a bank transfer, you can withdraw those profits. Bear in mind that a $31 charge applies to opt for a bank transfer. If you make an e-wallet deposit, you must withdraw money from your e-wallet account.

IQ Option will process your request in three working days, regardless of your withdrawal method. Additional time to process bank cards and payment providers may be required. This requires you to upload:

  • A digital ID, including a driver permit or passport.
  • When a deposit is made from a bank card, an image of both sides of each card used has to be submitted as well. Hide the CVV number and your card number’s center digits. Maintain visible the first six and four final digits for your safety’s sake.

Types of Purchase & Stop Tools

IQ Choice offers traders a variety of order types to reduce the risk and personalize the trading experience as expected from modern trading platforms. The range of order options allows traders to develop strategies with a variable return in the short, medium, and long term. Multipliers enable traders to increase the investment risk level with corresponding return increases.

Stop orders allow traders to set maximum losses that they accept, and close trade automatically if triggered. Take profits, but if the business reaches the specified benefit. A trailing stop will lead to the auto-close operation at a loss, and move with the price towards the trader. Buying on pre-order enables traders to establish the market price.

IQ Option provides a variety of tools to set stops and take profit to supplement the order types. While most brokers only allow you to pick an asset price, IQ Choice will enable you to either set the amount, multiple losses, or a specific asset price for benefit or loss. You can also dynamically stop loss or trail stop, and use the balance to keep your place open if your stop-loss is reached.


IQ Option is a fantastic platform that gives its users great value. The website combines a high level of transparency and reliability, and users can easily understand that the site complies with the new financial legislation.