Know Why You Should Fall in Love With HIIT

If you are pondering on whether or not to go for High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), then it is an indication that you are yet to brush up on the underlying benefits.

HIIT is an advanced form of interval training. It is an exercise that involves alternating periods of short, intense anaerobic exercise with recovery periods.

If you fell in love with HIIT, then that should not be without any reason. The following are the reasons why you should love and enroll yourself in HIIT classes:


HIIT is one of the most efficient exercise forms. It works well for busy as well as lazy people. If you want to get better in shape but do not want to spend hours in achieving it, then HIIT is the best option for you. Studies show that you get the same benefit of running for an hour from 15 minutes of HIIT.

Burn More Fat

You can burn more fat with HIIT than any other form of exercise. Fat continues to burn even after finishing your workout and just during your workout session.

Burn More Calories

A ten minute HIIT session can burn more calories than half-an-hour of treadmill exercise.

Keeps Your Heart Healthy

When you workout, your heart rate will increase. And that keeps your heart in a healthy condition.

No Equipment Necessary

One of the conveniences of HIIT is that it calls for zero equipment.

Increases Metabolism

HIIT increases your metabolism to a great extent. Therefore, you can eat more as the body will burn all the food off.

No Muscle Loss

Studies show that you will lose fat but not muscle. Therefore, you can maintain your body in the best shape.

You can consider HIIT as your good friend as it will force you to work harder and achieve what you want. How HIIT can help you to stay fit is nicely depicted in the infographic in this post, so read on.