Knowing Criminal And Family Lawyers In Singapore

People are experiencing something in life that others do not know. Sometimes, what they are going through is more severe than others, and they need a lawyer to help them. Lawyers are there to assist in any cases that someone will encounter to learn more about the law. Here are the things you need to know and remember.


Being a lawyer is difficult, knowing that there is someone that you need to protect. So, imagine the life of a criminal lawyer in Singapore. There are things they need to have to be successful in every case they handle, like willingness and determination. Lawyers need to be strong because their job is in line with the justice system.

If you are looking for one, the following are the things you need to look for in a criminal lawyer:


Emotions are hard to hide, especially if you are the innocent one. And once you are in the court, those emotions are something you want to show despite having many people around you. But, do not worry because a criminal lawyer understands those feelings, and they will help you face the challenges you are experiencing.


You will know that your lawyer is professional on your first meeting. How? They know even the slightest details of your concern. They give their attention to you and your problems and tell you all the possible angles that could become your strength and weakness. And from that, they will find a way how you could win the case.


You can never miss the skills of a criminal lawyer. Well, speaking of skills, there are three that you need to see in them. It concerns your talk with them and how they handle your case. Those three skills are the following:

  • Investigative skills – one of the things that you will notice in them is the time they spend studying and researching your case. They will look for all the viewpoints and see how you can win it. Collecting evidence is also a part. This skill of a lawyer will help you know the advantages you have. But, their investigative skill is more helpful to people who need to get a personal protection order in Singapore. It is for people who are victims of harassment, abuse, and threat.
  • Analytical skills – there are no unimportant details for a criminal lawyer. Everything that you and the other party say has an impact on how the case will run. By their analytical skill, they can see the critical things you need to look out for and analyse them.
  • Communication skills – it is hard to talk to anyone if you are going through something. So, look for a criminal lawyer that will listen to things that you will say. It also shows respect to the person talking. You will also see this skill once they are in court and use strategies to your advantage.

These skills are helpful in many ways. Look for these things to ensure that you can trust your lawyer.


Search for a criminal law firm in Singapore that provides professional and experienced lawyers. This way, you can guarantee that they have handled enough clients with different situations. The lawyer knows the processes and steps they need to take when they represent someone in court.

These things are only some of what you need to look for in your lawyer. Connections to legal communities are also helpful, especially if it is a prosecutor or a judge.



Aside from a criminal lawyer, a family lawyer also exists. They will be the ones to help you if you have a problem that concerns your family and uses the family law of Singapore. Here are the things you need to do and remember when looking for one:


One search on the internet, and you will see lots of results and suggestions of lawyers. But the thing is, are they all reliable? How can you be sure that they are the ones you are looking for and can help you in any way they can? Look for a reliable family lawyer that already handles different family issues, like divorce, legal separation, child custody, and visitation rights.


If you are filing for divorce, the most necessary thing you need to know is its grounds – fault-based and no-fault. It will help you determine the reason for your divorce and which area it occurs. The differences between them are the following:

  • Fault-based divorce – if your partner and their wrongdoings are the reasons for your divorce, it is on this ground. It could be domestic violence, abandonment, adultery, and drug addiction.
  • No-fault divorce – falling out of love is the common reason for this ground. It could also be the differences in personality between the partners. Here, there is no one at fault or no one to blame.

By knowing these grounds, your family lawyer can determine the issue more and think of solutions.


Divorce is not the only case that a family lawyer handles. There are more, and it all concerns the family. Those cases are the following:

  • Wills – if you want to transfer property, you need legal documents for it. Your family lawyer will explain it to people who are in the testament.
  • Child custody – guardianship, parental authority, and arrangement are what you need to know about child custody. Once the parents undergo divorce, this case is usually the next thing they do.
  • Adoption – some couples do not have the capacity of having a child, making them opt for adoption. That is why they need the assistance of a lawyer to process it and the documents.

If you need help with these things, search for a family lawyer to help you process it with the guidance of the law.

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