Knowing When You Need Civil Rights Representation in Las Vegas

United States residents are entitled to some freedoms. A violation of any of these freedoms may make it possible for the victim to seek the justice they serve through a lawsuit. A reliable Las Vegas Civil Rights Attorney can help victims make things right. Every person who lives in the country has civil rights including freedom of speech, religion, and assembly, as well as the right to petition the government and the right to procedural due process. They have the freedom from discrimination for some protected class such as age, race, sex, disability, religion, and nationality. 

When Can a Violation of Civil Rights Occur?

A violation of your civil rights happens when you were being forced or threatened by an offender. Victims of civil rights violations endure injuries or even die. Also, civil rights occur when your freedom has been taken away or are discriminated against because of your color, gender, age, or race. If your rights are violated, the offender may be prosecuted under some criminal rights statutes. Violations include migrant worker exploitation, hate crimes, law enforcement misconduct, slavery rings, religious property damage, and healthcare access interference including threats. 

Civil Rights Laws & Statutes in Nevada

Civil rights cover many grounds, which range from the ability to vote to equal access to schools, jobs, and housing. Aside from the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964, citizens must also follow state laws and statutes. The Nevada Civil Rights Act of 1965 offers individuals the right to be treated as equals under the law that includes freedom from discrimination in employment. People whose civil rights have been violated by state or local officers in Nevada can sue them in a Section 1983 action. The victim has to prove that the officer acted under color of law and infringed on their constitutional rights. Depending on the case, plaintiffs who win the case can get compensatory damages to cover their medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and loss of future earnings. The state’s civil rights law provides for private lawsuits and carries 180 days to 365 days statute of limitations. Those whose constitutional rights were violated by people who acted under color of law often have two years after the injury to bring a Section 1983 lawsuit. 

If you think your civil rights have been violated, seek the assistance of a civil rights attorney. Your lawyer can help you navigate the complex court system and make sure you have all the right documents and meet important deadlines.