Latest business tips from the experts

A diverse and fast shopping experience

The payment stage is crucial: this is where you need to remove all the friction points the most so that your buyer has the smoothest experience possible. Speed ​​and varied options are at the heart of consumer expectations in the act of purchase:

Offer to buy without creating an account

Often tedious, especially on smartphones, the step of creating an account can be considered by consumers as a frustrating waste of time and lead them to abandon their shopping cart. Offering the purchase without creating an account can therefore increase your conversion rate.

Focus on trending industries

It’s important to catch the industry train. Currently, tech-related SAAS is very popular. Along with it, the CBD industry is growing and you should not miss this chance. In 2022, people can buy Indica strains online and get it delivered in just a few hours. It means that the big CBD community of CBD is getting more comfortable ordering it online. If you focus on trending industries, you’ll have a chance to catch million-dollar ideas.

Multiplying payment solutions

The most common means of payment remains the bank card, but consumers want to be able to choose: PayPal, electronic wallet, transfer, check again in some cases… One-click purchase also remains a popular feature and builds loyalty.

Offer several delivery methods

Relay point, click and collect, fast delivery… the e-retailer must leave the widest possible choice in delivery methods. The possibility of not paying fees, or of choosing the date of collection of a parcel, are weighty arguments in the face of consumers’ expectations of flexibility.

Don’t neglect the post-purchase experience

Support your customer by setting up delivery monitoring and communication tools (e-mail, sms, customer account, etc.) informing them of the status of their order.

Take care of the “unboxing” of your product

A real point of contact between your brand and your consumer, the care given to your package can allow you to differentiate yourself from your competition:

Personalize your shipment: box in your colors, thank you card in the buyer’s name, goodies, samples… personalization guarantees greater satisfaction and attachment to your brand. Less over-packaging, more ecological materials… The environmental impact of your shipment will also be taken into consideration by your consumer.

Product return: be available

Facilitate product return procedures by offering customer service that is easily accessible from your site and your e-mailings (chat, telephone, ticketing platform, etc.). Upstream, your return, exchange and refund policy must be clearly displayed and explicit. Documentation of the Frequently Asked Questions type is always welcome, as the consumer often reads it before making a purchase.

Increase sales channels

Your buyers now benefit from a wide commercial offer in your sector of activity. They can thus compare the offers before deciding to buy a product. Integrating an omnichannel business strategy can be essential today.

Sell ​​via social networks

Facebook and Instagram, even Pinterest, all these networks now integrate many e-commerce features. You can, for example, create a store on your accounts, social Ads campaigns, publications with in-app purchase, collaboration with an influencer, live shopping sessions. These platforms and their tools are to be activated according to your audience. target.