Learn how to get the right marine insulation for your vessels

The sea is cruel and unforgiving. If you are in the marine industry, you are perfectly aware of the dangers and hazards of working on a vessel. You must navigate tide, wind, and weather. Doing so requires you to master the instruments of your vessel and conditions on it. No matter the particular marine industry you happen to be in, a great portion of your daily tasks will involve working on deck. This is the most dangerous place to be in even on days of sunshine and calm seas. The danger that one of your people will slip and fall on a wet surface is ever-present. You must do all that you can to prevent this.

One of the other great dangers of marine work is the risk of taking water onboard. You must maintain the right amount of ballast to keep your ship afloat and moving through the water. Excess water can be a real danger to your ship. Indeed, there is no such thing as a minor leak on a sea-going vessel. The leaks that drip may not lead to the sinking of the vessel, but it will cause corrosion. The latter is a great threat to the material integrity of your ship. The corrosion of pipes and other vital instruments can cause serious problems long-term. It can even threaten the seaworthiness of the vessel.

The best way to protect your crew and preserve the material integrity of your vessel is to install Marine Insulation. Mascoat offers some of the best marine insulation in the industry. It produces marine thermal barrier coating products that are designed to meet the challenging circumstances of a marine environment. Marine vessels have unique requirements for insulation. Thermal barrier coating can meet these criteria and be effective at protecting ships. Barges, yachts, fishing boats, oil tankers, military craft—all can be protected by the special marine thermal barrier coatings made by this company.

At present, many companies protect their vessels with traditional insulation. The latter tends to absorb moisture. This may sound like the job that needs to be done, but it isn’t. The presence of water on deck or in a space is the problem. Mascoat thermal coating barriers works to prevent the build-up of water in the first place. This will better prevent corrosion under CUI and create a safe environment for crew and passengers. You will be able to use the product to spray low-VOC, water based-coating onto overheads, sidewalls, stiffeners, and other critical places. Doing so will prevent condensation and maintain the material integrity of your veseel.

To get this kind of thermal insulation coating, you must work with a company that specializes in selling it. You want to work with a company that not only has the right insulation materials on hand, but employs people who know how to apply it. This latter is an essential part of the job. There can be no mistakes here. The people who apply the insulation to your vessel must have the right experience and expertise.