Locked Out? Here’s What You Can Try To Do If You Forget The Keys Inside Your Car

Accidents happen, but they can certainly be very troublesome. When you lock your keys inside your car, you’re probably trying to find a way to get them back ASAP. There are tons of ways you can do that, by finding a 24 hr mobile locksmith or trying different creative methods. Here are nine tips that you can try to get your keys out of your car.

1. Double Check Ways to Enter Your Car

Firstly, you need to make sure you know that you’ve tried every method to get into your car. For all you know, there may be a way that you have not tried yet. That way, you can save yourself some time and cash.

2. Tennis Ball

If you know that there is definitely no other way to go into your car, then it is time to try out different methods. If you’ve got a tennis ball, cut a hole into it. Put the hole over the car’s keyhole then push. It sounds odd, but the ball’s airforce can unlock the car.

3. Coat Hanger

Only try this method if you have a horizontal lock. Untwist your coat hanger to create a hook then work the hanger into the lock. Use the hook to get around the lock, then pull.

4. Spatula

Make sure you get a thin and metal spatula for this method. Insert the lever then wedge the car door open to push your spatula in, lifting the car lock.

5. Screwdriver and Rod

Grab a long and strong steel rod and a Phillips head screwdriver. Slightly pry the car door open with the screwdriver. Once there’s a grab, stick your pole into it. Use the rod to push the car’s unlock button. Keep in mind that this can damage your car.

6. Slim Jim

No, not the jerky – the tool. You’ll need an older type of lock to use this trick. Insert a slim jim into your car door’s interior. Push the slim jim against the door’s lock mechanism.

7. Inflatable Wedge

This is a good way to open a car door without damaging your car. You can use an inflatable wedge to wedge a car door open carefully. Then, you can use a rod, stick, or other materials that would fit to pull or push the unlock button.

8. A Plastic Strip

This is a fairly simple method you can try out. Grab a strip of strong plastic and bend it to create a loop. Insert the loop through your door’s jamb, then lift the car lock.

9. Shoestring

Grab a shoelace and make a small loop at the center – the type of loop you make should be able to get tightened when you place it on the car’s locking mechanism. Work the string loop through the space where your car’s exterior meets the door. Hook the string around the lock and tighten the loop. Once the loop is tightened, pull up the string. It may take a few tries.

9. Ask for Help

If you’re stuck, it is time to call the experts. Search for a locksmith near me Albany NY to get a professional to help you. By hiring a 24 hr mobile locksmith, they will expertly and safely unlock your car to get your keys.

Keys stuck inside your car? No need to worry! Try out any of the methods mentioned above to retrieve your car keys.