Long Distance vs. Short Distance Moves

Thinking about moving out of your current residence to a new home is a great idea. However, before hiring New England Movers to take you wherever you want to go, you need to consider several factors. Job offers, home values, finances, and school districts all have a bearing on the location you’ll move to. Some people also believe that short distance moving is cheaper and more comfortable than long-distance moving. 

However, this isn’t often the case. But when you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of long versus short distance moves, you’ll end up with the best option. This article gives you a comparison of the two to help you make an informed decision.

Long Distance Moving

Some people may opt for long-distance moving because their job requires them to relocate to a new city or because they want to experience what new towns have to offer. If you must make this move, you don’t have an option. However, if you’re seeking to experience the pleasures of a new town, you need first to consider the pros and cons of long-distance moving.

Advantages Of Long Distance Moving

  • It Could Be Cheaper

Most moving companies like using bigger haulers and tracks for long-distance moves, thus making them cheaper. That’s because they want to avoid making multiple trips.

  • It Enables You To Get A Written Estimate Of Moving Expenses

The law doesn’t require the most short distance movers to give written statements. That’s why some of them give prices orally. On the other hand, long-distance movers must give you a written cost to enable you to know the expenses you’ll pay before planning your move. That can help you to prepare adequately before the moving day.


Disadvantages Of Long Distance Moving

  • Expensive Moving Costs

If your moving company is charging costs using distance, you may pay a lot of money. Apart from these, you may also have to pay extra charges for crossing provincial and interstate lines. 

  • Not Every Company Travels Far

Because of a lack of resources, some companies may be unwilling to travel far distances. Therefore, it’s better to research to determine which companies offer long-distance moves for the best price. 

Short Distance Moving

Short distance moving may not need much shipping and time like long-distance moving. It’ll also be more comfortable because you’ll still be locating in familiar territory.

Advantages Of Short Distance Moving

  • It’s Cheap

You’ll pay less for short-distance moves, especially if you hire movers who charge by time or mileage. If you’re moving within 724 km, you may not have to pay extra expenses out of zone moving. 

  • You’ll Stay In A Familiar Area

Short distance moving saves you from the stress of adapting to the environment of a new location because you’ll still be around your previous town and neighborhood. That’ll also make it easy to keep your workplace or school.

Disadvantages of Short Distance Moving

  • If you have heavy items, you may pay more money. 
  • Because short distance movers aren’t mandated to give written estimates, you may receive an oral quote. 


Long-distance or short distance moving shouldn’t stress you or make you break the bank. Instead, it would be best if you considered the factors contributing to your move before deciding to opt for either choice.