Look for the Best Options in Choosing the Airsoft Guns

To direct your purchase towards a replica rather than another, you must ask yourself the right questions and adapt your decision to many criteria:

Your height and your weight: Your morphology will be a very important thing to take into account, in fact it should not be forgotten that you are going to have to bear the weight and the bulk of your replica and your equipment all the part. So do not rush on the largest and heaviest replica. Take the time to handle it to be sure.

The place where you practice airsoft: depending on whether you play outside or in a building, you will not need the same scope. A long barrel will be more effective outdoors while a short barrel will lend itself more to parts indoors.

Your style of play: if you are a player rather mobile, it is preferable to turn to compact replicas to leave you a great freedom of movement. On the contrary, if you prefer a more posed style of play, then long replicas will be better.

Your scenarios: for more realism, you can also decide the replica model according to the scenarios in which you play (reproductions of historic, modern weapons, pistol for target shooting, etc.)

What to choose to start?

Now that you know better the different types of replica and the important criteria to make your decision, let’s analyze 4 models of replicas which have proven themselves since they are among the most used reproductions by airsofters. Check WRC2 Extreme for the best effects there now.

M4’s replicas

It is the most widespread replica model in the airsoft community and for good reason, it has significant advantages:

  • It has 4 RIS (Rail Interface System) rails to add many options to the soft gun. (tactical corner handle, lamp, laser, rear sight, etc.)
  • It is practical and easy to handle . It can adapt to many environments.

G36 replicas

It is the replica of a German assault rifle. It can be chosen because:

  • It is a very realistic model compared to the real weapon having the same weight (2.5 kg).
  • It has rails to add options.
  • The stock folds down for simplified transport.
  • It is possible to couple 2 chargers.
  • It can be used on various playing fields (long and short range).

AK’s replies

The AK replica may be preferred over other models, because:

  • It is lighter than the other models.
  • She is very realistic.
  • It has large chargers . Each large capacity magazine can hold 500 balls.

This model still has a few drawbacks:

  • It may be more difficult to handle.
  • It does not have a rail and therefore does not allow the addition of options or accessories.

MP5 replicas

The MP5 replica also stands out because:

It is very compact and can be used by many airsoft profiles. In addition, it allows great freedom of movement and can adapt to confined play areas. It is a very popular model, because the real weapon is used by the Navy or the GIGN and can add realism to certain scenarios. Your budget can also decide for you (see how much an airsoft gun costs). Anyway, whether you choose the M4, G36, AK or MP5, your purchase will be wise, because these models are very popular soft guns, so you will easily find spare parts from specialists as well as many compatible accessories.