Looking at Popular Flavors of CBD Vape Oil

There are many different flavors of CBD vape oil out there and it doesn’t take long for a vaper to figure out which ones are their favorite. While it can be easy to search for articles on best flavors for CBD oils or best mixtures for CBD oils, there are many different factors that are going to make a difference in answering this question. However, there’s no denying that certain flavors just consistently tend to end up among the absolute favorites.

Keep in mind that a few different factors can change which flavors of CBD oil are going to be the best.

Key factors will include:

– The quality of the CBD oil

– The specific brand of the CBD oil

– If you use a single flavor or mixture

– Percentages of any mixtures


This certainly isn’t hard to believe. Strawberries are just one of those universally sweet and loved flavors that find fans no matter what you’re talking about. Popular with people who grew up eating fruit, with most sweet tooths, and often times a favorite flavor with many women, multiple companies create one or more strawberry flavors or mixes for their CBD oil. This is a flavor that is often not only one of the popular, but one of the best because companies are aware of just how popular the flavor is.

Mint or Chocolate Mint

Another of those flavors that is incredibly popular. Some offer just mint, some companies offer a chocolate/mint blend (which we all know goes together so well because of candy), and some actually offer both. This leads to a wide variety of CBD oils that are sweet with that familiar and comforting flavor profile, and if you can’t find one that you love then there are plenty of good mint or chocolate options that you can mix yourself until you find the blend that works personally for you.


Who doesn’t like a bit of cinnamon spice? Cinnamon is a great flavor, and gives a touch of sweetness but also a bit of that bite that goes perfectly with smoke. This has quickly become one of the most popular CBD oil flavors out there for vaping and it really isn’t hard to see why. The widespread availability even in places with relatively few flavor options is another reason it is so widespread.

Blue Raspberry

Not offered by every company, but there are a few top notch ones which have worked on a quality blue raspberry flavor and it has paid off for them. This has a lot more sweet than tart but that works for many vapers looking for a CBD vape oil that offers many of the sweetness benefits of strawberry or chocolate flavors but maybe steps back a touch on the degree of sweetness so its not overpowering.


Not for everyone, but if you’re a fan of this unique flavor then you’ll be pleased to know that there are many great options when it comes to vanilla CBD vaping oil.

Citrus Options

Most involve orange but there are plenty of lemon and lime mixtures out there, as well. This is one that has plenty of options and it really comes down to personal taste to find the one that you are going to enjoy the most.


Not everyone offers watermelon but for those vapers who adore this flavor, there are going to be some options that are available. Keep in mind, for some reason this flavor tends to really be ramped up as a bit overpowering, so try it but it may take some time to find the right dosage for you.

Custom Sweet Flavors

May CBD oil companies also have customized flavors. Strawberry Vanilla Ice Cream, Smoothie, Fruity Cereal, and Snickers are just a few of the custom flavors that are out there and many larger companies or specialized local stores may have favorite personalized blends of their own so be sure to ask around.

Those are just some of the many truly incredible CBD oil flavors that are available out there.