Lucknow-The best destination for enjoying a vacation trip

Lucknow is the capital city of Uttar Pradesh state in India that is well-known for its historical locations and other attractions. It is a multicultural city that has famous museums, beautiful gardens, religious places, and entertainment centres. There are several tourists who visit the city every year to discover various things with family and others. On the other hand, one should plan a trip in advance for ensuring more excitement. Anyone who wants to plan a trip to the city should know the accommodation types offered by the hotels from various sources.

The Besthotels in Lucknow offer excellent amenities for guests allowing them to experience high level comforts. In addition, they show methods to accomplish goals on a trip by addressing essential needs of tourists. It is necessary to check the availability of hotel rooms before scheduling a trip. Moreover, tourists can create the best memories on a trip after choosing the right hotels. Most hotels aim at fulfilling the expectations of visitors when they like to plan a fine trip.

Important places to visit in Lucknow

  1. Janeshwar Mishra Park

Janeshwar Mishra Park is the one of the must-see places in Lucknow. Located in Gomati Nagar, it has a lush green atmosphere that allows tourists to relax their mind in eco-friendly environment. The park is one of the largest parks in Asia which enables tourists to get more pleasure.

  1. Husainabad clock Tower

Husainabad clock tower is one of the tallest towers in India what stands at 67 m height. It was built in 1887 that has a combination of Victorian-Gothic architectural styles. Another thing about the clock tower is that the components of the clock are made of gun metal. The pendulum is 14 feet long that is larger than other clocks.

  1. Marine Drive

Marine Drive is one of the famous places in Lucknow which resembles the Marine Drive in Mumbai. It is becoming as a popular spot among youth for hanging out with friends and others. There is a path available for pedestrians with benches on the drive allowing the tourists to sit and relax accordingly.

  1. Anandi water Park

Anandi water Park is one of the largest waterparks in Lucknow that allow tourists to engage in various recreational activities. It also has an amusement park meant for kids enabling them to get more enjoyment. There is a food zone and play area available in the park that provides ways to witness complete satisfaction.

  1. Safed Baradari

Safed Baradari in Lucknow is a white marbled palace that is popular one for its celebration and gaiety. The building is mainly designed for observing Martyrdom for people who sacrificed their lives. It is one of the must-see places in Lucknow enabling tourists to know more about the history of the palace in detail.

  1. Sikandar Bagh

Sikandar Bagh which is spread over 120 square yards stands as one of the famous historical monuments. It is the last Mughal garden in India that acted as a venue associated with the 1857 battle of Independence.

Travel tips to Lucknow

  1. Since Lucknow was ruled by Mughal rulers, several people also speak Urdu apart from Hindi.
  2. It is advisable for tourists to follow health precautions properly that can help to stay away from health complications. Apart from that, they should consider carrying a medical kit along with them while planning a trip to the city.
  3. Tap water is not a safer one to drink in Lucknow because it may lead to health hazards and tourists should consider bringing bottled water for drinking purposes.
  4. Lucknow is famous one for its clubs and pubs allowing tourists to plan their night life accordingly.
  5. Tourists should avoid eating roadside foods because they give ways to eliminate health disorders effectively.
  6. Visitors should know the best time to tour the city after knowing climatic conditions from weather department.
  7. Tourists should have a passport copy of important documents while making a trip to the city. Moreover, they should follow the local traditional and customs when visiting religious places.
  8. It is advisable not to travel alone in remote and lonely areas to prevent unwanted problems.
  9. Visitors should take care of their personal things including mobile phones, cash, and jewellery items in crowded places. They should avoid places that are having large crowd.
  10. Visitors should pack their clothes that exactly suit a season which ultimately gives ways to overcome discomforts and other problems to a large extent.
  11. There are several shopping malls located in the city enabling tourists to buy a wide range of products at the best prices.
  12. Guided tours are available for visitors and they can choose the right one among them after making a complete research.
  13. Lucknow is popular one for its delicious foods and visitors can visit restaurants for knowing more about them in detail.
  14. It is a wise one to carry a map of the city that can help to reach important places without any hassles.
  15. Foreign nationals can know the exchange rates when they want to transfer their currency in banks and foreign exchange counters.

Where to stay in Lucknow?

The hotels in Lucknow offer 3- and 5-star facilities for guests allowing them to enjoy a trip with family and others. Besides that, the prices are affordable enabling a person to book the hotels based on the choices. However, it is necessary to read reviews and ratings of hotels before planning a trip to the city. Those who want to book hotels online should consider choosing a reputed hotel website for meeting essential needs.

A hotel website makes feasible methods to find rooms which exactly fit the budgets and requirements of visitors. In addition, it gives ways to select hotels with huge discounts for saving more money. The Lucknow hotels are a perfect choice for tourists who want to enjoy their trip with loved one and others. On the other hand, it is necessary to know the rules and regulations including cancellation policies before booking a trip.