Mark Roemer Oakland Investigates Home Décor Ideas to Refresh Your Space


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, if you haven’t changed anything in your home for a long time, things can start to look dull and boring. Let’s look at some of the best decor ideas to refresh your space:

The Ideas

  1. Get a statement wall – A statement wall is an inexpensive way to make a significant change in a room without feeling the price pinch or sweating yourself for hours. Statement walls can make your room look more dynamic and eventful. You can directly buy statement walls from different suppliers or color one yourself. If you aren’t too confident in your brush and roller skills, consider a removable wallpaper with a playful pattern.
  1. Change the throw pillows – Throw pillows are like clothes or wearable accessories for your room and furniture. You can swap them out for an instant refresh anytime you want. You can keep a collection of throw pillows or throw pillow covers to change the look of the room according to the season of the year or the mood of the day. If you are having guests over, you can switch them with tasteful elegant patterns made of solid and neutral colors. If you are inviting a date over to your home, you can swap them out with bright, vibrant, and soft colors for a romantic and inviting mood.
  1. Replace the hardware – Your old hardware must be rusty, dull, or may have accumulated other signs of age. You will see a visible difference in your space when you swap them out with new hardware. Changing your old faucet, knobs, and handles can make a drastic change in aesthetics and you have a lot of options on your hand. For instance, you can pair a bronze modern faucet with straight lines and pair it with brass pull handles. You have access to all kinds of metals, finishes, and lustrous when it comes to hardware. Swap and mix them to get a look that best suits your home.
  1. Get a new rug – Rugs are like a cheat instant upgrade for your room. Whether it’s the living space, bedroom, or even the bathroom, rugs are the easiest upgrade and if you spend your money wisely you won’t have to part with a lot of it. If your living space is quite dull you can choose a colorful rug to add warmth and vibrance to the room. Your porch can be a cozy hangout place with a weatherproof and elegant rug. The possibilities are endless.
  1. Show your walls some love – Apart from statement walls, you can also use portraits, paintings, and a lot more to add character to your walls. You can also make statement art with your favorite pieces of decor and collectibles on floating shelves on an otherwise bland wall.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you use these ideas to refresh your home without diving deep into your bank balance. They can give a fresh new look to your home on a budget.