Men’s Clothes Online | What Should You Know When Buying a Bespoke Suit?

If you were to ask anyone what men’s clothes in Singapore online are worth buying for, they would answer the same thing—a suit. A suit is not just a piece of fabric that we wear to cover our skin nor something that would keep us warm. Its purpose is more than what a sweater or a shirt can do. You see, the reason why we wear a suit on formal events and even on interviews is that it makes us look respectable and presentable at the same time. It gives us this confidence that other clothes could not provide us. However, it does not work that way in all suits. It should be something that fits your body. Otherwise, you would look sloppy if you were to wear a loose suit. So, what should you do for that not to happen? Well, you can do it by investing in a bespoke suit in Singapore instead. Here are the things you need to know.

Let us first discuss what it is.

What Is a Bespoke Suit?

As the word, bespoke suggests, it is something custom-made like the corporate uniform that you wear in the office. It has the right measurements from your shoulders to your ankles. Furthermore, it uses the same material from the jacket to trouser. So, wearing does look good on you, even from far.

In short, a bespoke suit is a type of clothes that fits you perfectly.

Why Do You Deserve to Wear a Bespoke Suit?

No matter what our work is, we represent ourselves to others. We do this all the time. Aside from showing our righteous side, what we wear has something to say on who we are and what we are. It is something that persuades others to believe in us. To convince you more, here the reasons why you deserve to get a bespoke suit in Singapore.

  1. Fit to Your Body Shape Well

As mentioned above, abespoke suit is a type of clothing that fits you perfectly once you put them on. You would not feel stuffy, no matter how long you wear it. You would also feel comfortable wearing it, no matter what position you are in like standing or sitting. The way this clothing fits your body shapes so well as if the clothes are part of your body in the first place.

  1. Customised According to Your Preference

Similar to how you choose yourmen’s clothes in Singapore online, you would also need to consider your preferences when buying a bespoke suit. That way, its design would match not only on your style but also on your personality. So, think carefully what colour, design and patterns it should have. What do you think would make you look so good?

  1. Imported Fabric Material

Cotton, silk, wool, and cashmere, these are some of the materials that you can get to choose from when you order a bespoke suit in Singapore. Most of these fabrics are something that you cannot obtain here, but something you can get a hand of abroad. These materials are not only high-quality, but they are also breathable fibres that make it suitable for a tropical country like Singapore.

  1. Sewed by Fashion Designer

Well, of course, abespoke suit is not something a factory can make. Every seam, stitch it has is what a fashion designer sewed with their hands. With their exceptional skills, you can expect that the clothes you will be getting and wearing from them are something built to last.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Bespoke Suit?

Like other men’s clothes you can find in Singapore online, a bespoke suitdoes not pop up overnight. It takes hours of fitting, stitching, thinking and more before you could make one. To be more specific, an average turnaround time would take at least eight to twelve weeks. In short, it takes three months to make since there you would undergo three fittings to get your perfect fit.

Here Are the Differences Between These Three Fittings

  • Scrap

Most fashion designers called this a beta version since they will be using cardboard to make paper patterns of your measurements. After that, that is when they will cut and stitch the fabric.

  • Basted

While for this fitting, the seamstress will use a lot of needles to mark your measurement. That way, if it is too loose or too fit, they can still adjust.

  • Forward

At last, for this fitting, this is what they call finishing touches. They need to get your measurements so your bespoke suit would be close to perfection.

How Much Would a Bespoke Suit Cost?

According to the online magazine, Time Out, you could get a bespoke suit in Singapore starting from $300. It could go up to a hundred dollars more, depending on how exquisite the material you choose it to have. Its cut, colour, and style also have something to do on how much it would cost. So, before finalising your order, make sure to do your research on how much the overall material would cost you.

Why Get a Bespoke Suit from The Label SG?

The people at The Label SG know how to value the preference of their customers. They know very well they cannot take away what their customers like and want to have. It is the reason why they offer bespoke suit services in Singapore. That way, their customers could have the power to choose and design the suit they would like to wear in formal events and even in interviews.

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