Methods for cleaning and maintenance of air conditioners

The air conditioner is a device that cools the air in the summer, and there is also an air conditioner that works to heat the place in the winter season, and this is done by achieving the stability of the temperature and humidity inside the place where the air conditioner is located, as the majority of individuals cannot live without this device either It was in the summer or winter season, and the matter is not limited to this only, as you may find an air conditioner in means of transportation such as cars, trains, and airplanes, and we find many types of air conditioners and in different sizes as well, and because this device has great importance among people and for the majority of society. It should be taken care of in terms of cleaning and maintenance from time to time.

Methods for cleaning and maintenance of central air conditioner

The air conditioner inside the house is one of the devices that are exposed to dirt and dust as well as humidity, and this matter may negatively affect the efficiency and operation of the air conditioner. Also, if the air conditioner increases in the amount of dust and impurities, we cannot get fresh air through it, and for cleaning the air conditioners, the following steps must be taken into account:

The cleaning of the air conditioners should be at certain times of the year, which is in the spring, or it is possible at a time when the air conditioner is not used, whether in the summer or in the winter season, but it is preferable to clean and maintain it in the winter season.

To clean the air conditioner motor, you must make sure to disconnect the electrical current from the air conditioner by disconnecting the switch of the air conditioner.

After that, go to the motor of the external air conditioner and then remove the dust from it and the impurities stuck to it, and no leaves or weeds were found in it, which must be removed calmly and lightly.

Then bring a manual screwdriver, then remove the front face of the motor, and then remove the top face gently so that no damage to the motor wires occurs.

Bring a piece of cloth moistened with water and a spoonful of vinegar on it, then wipe the fan and parts of the air conditioner with it, making sure to choose a suitable type to clean the air conditioner.

How to clean the window air conditioner with water

It is possible to clean the air conditioner and wash with water, especially the filter of the air conditioner, but with caution before the cleaning process, it is necessary to separate the electrical current from the air conditioner.

Then, use the water spray at a low level so as not to cause breaches or damage to the air conditioner due to the intensity of the high water pressure.

Also, it is possible to use liquid soap for cleaning clothes or cooking utensils, and after you have removed the dirt on the device, you must turn off the water spray.

After that, leave the filter to dry, or it is possible to use a soft piece of cloth and then gently dry the parts of the conditioner with it, or it may be dried with a hairdryer.

How to clean the split air conditioner

First, when cleaning the split air conditioner, you must disconnect the electrical current from the air conditioner, and then bring a piece of cloth and then wipe the dust from its outer parts all quietly and gently.

Also, it is possible to use some industrial preparations for cleaning or use lukewarm water with a little apple cider vinegar and then mix it in water.

Then, remove the filter for air purification and then wash it with soap and water with a sponge and then pass it over the parts of the air conditioner completely by repeating the process until you get rid of any impurities that block the conditioner.

After cleaning is finished, dry the parts of the air conditioner well, then reinstall it again, making sure that it is well dry inside and out.

And in the end, turn on the electrical current in the air conditioner, provided that it remains without operation for four hours to ensure that it dries well from moisture.

Ways to maintain window air conditioners

To perform maintenance for your home window air conditioner, specialists must do this process, which is by dismantling the air conditioner body after a process that limits its quality and then examining the components of the air conditioner from the inside to find out what is needed in terms of treatment.

It also determines the problem that exists in the air conditioner and the extent of this problem in terms of making a proper plan for the maintenance of the air conditioner.

Also, maintenance of the internal fans of the air conditioner, taking care to separate the air purification filter from the air conditioner so that we can clean it well from the impurities attached to it and then re-install it again.

You must maintain the electrical connections of the air conditioner and then repair the damaged ones, and then clean and maintain the pipes of the air conditioner in terms of wiring in case there is a blockage inside them.

Cleaning the window conditioner filter

One of the steps that follow when cleaning the window air conditioner filter is to remove the filter from its place, and this is very easy and does not take minutes, and then it cleans well from dust and from all sides.

Then spray it with water using the sprinkler hose taking into account that the water is cooler or the water may be better.

Also, care must be taken not to leave the filter tilted when cleaning, and it may be placed on the floor on its strong side so that it is well fixed.

Then bring a medium-sized container with a quantity of water mixed with liquid detergent soap, then bring a piece of a soft cloth and place it with the water mixture with the detergent liquid, and then gently clean the parts of the conditioner from the inside.

After that, rinse the air conditioner with clear water after removing the soapy water from it, making sure that the air conditioner filter is not tilted while removing the water from it.

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