Mid-Size Sedan Comfort: A Case For The Ford Fusion

The new Ford Fusion is a car that will make you do math. This plug-in hybrid can last 21 miles before the gasoline engine starts to kick in. This will put the user to make spreadsheets to see how much gasoline they are really saving. This mileage will depend on how the vehicle is driven. If you have a lead foot you will most likely only get 16 to 17 miles before the gas engine engages.

The charge will take around 7 hours on a normal 120-volt household circuit. You can speed up this process by two hours and a half if you install a 240-volt system. While it has an electric system it is a hybrid therefore it has a 2.0 four-cylinder engine that can last 610 miles. The amount of gas you will save with this vehicle is extraordinary. The fuel cost will depend on how far the trips are. If you live shorter than 20 miles from work then it will save gas on that. If you have to travel more it will save you money on gas but you will have to use the engine after the 20 miles. If you are near the area, search for Ford Fusion San Antonio to check out vehicles for a test drive, you will not be disappointed.

There are various models to choose from. The one that Edmunds likes the most is SE. This is the model just above the base. The SE has all the standard equipment and several engines to choose from. This model has cruise control and voice navigation system.

The overall rating of this car is about 8 out of 10. The SE also will have automatic engine start and stop to help save fuel. It will come with 17-inch rims and wheels. The 8 inches monetized monitor will come with ApplePlay and Android Auto.

The car has a great engine that has some power. The acceleration of the car is not as great but it has great high-end power. The model with turbo will do great once it reaches the RPM when it kicks in. The braking is absolutely amazing it stopped from 60mph in 116 feet which is great for its class. The comfort of the car is excellent the seats are comfortable. The interior has different options depending on the model. The base car will contain vinyl and the higher models will have leather. The inside of the vehicle is sporty but at the same time classy.

The car has great smartphone compatibilities. It has Bluetooth and ApplePlay Auto and Android Auto. The car also maneuvers quite well. The chassis is built strong and the suspension keeps it from rolling.

The car is great for storage for small and big items. The car has a big trunk space and the cabin offers great leg space. It is an excellent family car for road trips and daily commuting. The back seats can be folded over to have more trunk space for larger items.

Overall this car has been overlooked this 2019. There are many great aspects the car offers. The car is great for daily commutes due to it using the electric motor for about 20 miles. Therefore for short commutes, you will save a lot of money on gas. Also switching to a 240-volt system will make charging timeless. The vehicle has a great interior and well-built chassis. The mid-size sedan has many technology features. The car is family safe. The airbags have been tested and proven to work well during a collision. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore the many benefits of a hybrid performance sedan, visit a dealership that would give you the utmost excellent customer experience riding a Ford Fusion San Antonio.