Minimally Invasive Treatment Options to Relieve You From Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be condemning, forcing you to quit living your everyday life participating in your favorite activities. Most patients with debilitating conditions like neck and back pain have had their doctors recommend surgery and other drastic treatment options to relieve them from the frustrating pain. Houston Pain clinics help patients lead comfortable lives by offering them various treatment plans for their mild, chronic, short-term, and long-term pains.

These are the pain-reduction treatment options you are likely to get at the facility.

Spinal cord stimulation

The therapy is a very efficient pain-management treatment using an implant in your back to relieve you from painful symptoms by sending electrical currents into your spine through an electrode.

What are the advantages of spinal cord stimulation?

  • The pain is targeted. Unlike taking medications that are likely to affect your whole body, forcing you to have side effects like constipation and drowsiness, spinal cord stimulation will deliver relief on specific areas, most of which directly link to your pain’s root source.
  • Minimal or no side effects. You are unlikely to have side effects with this pain management treatment.
  • Reduces your dependence on opioids. If your doctor has not yet recommended this treatment, you must have tried other medications. Using opioids to relieve you from pain might lead you to rely on the drugs heavily. That means that you will always reach out for the drugs whenever your pain comes back. However, with spinal cord stimulation, you will need less medication.
  • You do not have to worry about scarring. Being a minimally invasive procedure, your doctor might only need one incision to implant the generator. To minimize the procedure’s invasiveness, your doctor will use a hollow needle to place the leads (with electrodes). 
  • The treatment is adjustable. You are unlikely to feel the same pain as another chronic pain patient. Thanks to the therapy, you will control your pain with a handheld controller your doctor will provide.  


When your back or neck pain persists even after you have tried other medical options like drugs, physical therapies, and exercises, your doctor could recommend an epidural injection. An epidural targets your pain-carrying nerves and numbs them temporarily. Your doctor will recommend epidural as a nerve blocker for various reasons, including chronic arm and leg pain and relief during childbirth.

During the treatment, your doctor will combine other medications like steroids to minimize pain and inflammation. Your doctor will locate the pain-causing nerve from your tailbone to the area below your neck and inject the area closest to the nerve responsible for the pain. The procedure that will take your doctor approximately 20 minutes before you start experiencing the results takes care of conditions like:

  • Spinal stenosis
  • Herniated disc
  • Pinched nerve
  • Sciatica

If you are a back pain victim, you will likely enjoy various benefits from the injections including minimal chances of a surgical procedure and decreased functional disability. During labor, the injection will not take away all your sensations, but it will lessen the pain between your upper legs and belly button. Though the injection is safe, effective, and efficient, not everyone is eligible.

Chronic pain will make you try several treatment options available to help relieve you from pain. However, you will get relief when you land the best pain management treatment. Various treatment options will minimize your dependence on opioids. Contact the professionals today for more pain reduction options.