Mobile strategy for companies

Mobile application today has been an ideal strategy for companies to reach their clients very easy without spending much. In this article, we are going to look into the mobile applications created for the clients of a company and the general public.

Why Create A Mobile Application For Your Company

There are times that offering a website with adaptable design is enough. It also has a set of advantages over a mobile application, let see some of it below:

  • It is accessed through a browser, not requiring publication in mobile application stores or installation by users
  • A website is valid for any mobile platform, unlike a mobile application that must be developed individually for each platform
  • It usually has a lower cost thanthe development of a mobile app, especially if you want to be present on more than one mobile platform

How To Raise A Mobile Business Application

This previous example serves to introduce a series of considerations and questions that a company which is thinking to create an android application [buataplikasi androidwhich is the term in Indonesia] for its customers or users should ask.

  • A mobile app should not be a copy of the website; it must be unique. The brand image indeed improves with a mobile application, but this should not be the only purpose
  • Do mobile apps retain customers more than websites, especially among young people?
  • Can the mobile app solve a problem or demand?
  • What services are my clients demanding more? Can a mobile app help you?
  • Which services or sections of the website have more visits or queries? Both globally and only from mobile devices. Is it something with its entity and capable of being offered with added value through a mobile application?