Moth Infestations – What Is It and How to Eradicate the Problem?

Moths are one of the many insects that infest a home or building. The two commonly infesting species in moths are casemaking clothes and webbing moths. Pantry moths are another species of moths that are also included in the list of insects that infest any home. 

Eradicating any insect from the root is the choice that leaves a house insect-free zone, and the same goes for the moth infestation as well. If you have a moth infestation issue at home, then hiring the pest control Manchester service is the ideal choice. They are in the business of pest control for many years and know very well how to address any issue related to pest infestation. You can visit their website to know more. 

Clothes Moth 

These are the type of moths that attach themselves to some of the fabrics such as silk, wool, fur, and so on. If you notice any damage to the clothes in your home, then understand that your house is infested with casemaking cloth species. 

Webbing moths are the type of insects that prefer woollen fabrics over the other kinds of fabrics. When they feed on the woollen fabrics, they make sure to spin a silk web to hide from the other, especially when they are feeding on the fabrics. 

You can identify the damage that is caused by the moths by finding the droppings of the insects in places where there is the actual damage on the fabric. Both the moth types chew on the fabric, and hence leave behind holes in the fabric. 

Stored Food Moths 

As the name says, the food moths target the pantry. They not only eat the food items in the pantry, but will also leave behind their droppings indicating that your house is infested with food moths. 

These food moths normally prefer dried nuts, grains, cereals, and many kinds of processed food items. You will even find their eggs in the damaged food indicating that it is time to look for the pest control service, or else the eggs will start hatching and infesting the whole pantry. 

How to Get Rid of Moths 

Here are some of the ways to eradicate moth infestation and also to reduce the chances of infestation in the first place. 

  • Vacuuming 

Moths normally get attracted to dirt and dust particles. Hence, make sure to vacuum clean your house at regular time intervals to avoid the chances of moth infestation. 

  • Set Moth Traps 

Moth traps are available to trap and kill adult moths. These traps will be coated with adult pheromones and they will be sticky. They attract adult moths and make the moths get stuck onto the traps. The moths will eventually die because of not being able to free themselves. 

  • Cedarwood and Oil 

The cedarwood balls and oils will be rich in pesticides. They will not only attract the moths but will also kill them. The oil can repel the moths from attacking the closet. 

Moth infestations have become one of the many nuisances that insects are causing in the daily life of a human being. The best way of handling the situation is with the help of proper methods.