My experience of getting a trailer in Brisbane

When I first moved from Melbourne to Brisbane, the weather amazed me with the warmth even in winter. For an outdoor geek like me, I can’t wait to explore more of the state. Then I ran into issues.

My sedan does not have to space to fit all my stuff.

It might sound weird. But my family of four is filling the cabin of the car (especially the child seat). And the boot is just enough to fit my usual car maintenance stuff and the baby trolley. A roof rack could fit two bicycles or two surfing boards, but that’s it. There is way not enough room to carry all the necessities for us.

Why not buy a SUV, you might say? The relocation almost broke my bank. And my wifey does not like the feeling of sitting high up. So, I went to look for trailers in Brisbane. There are a lot of options to choose on Google. But it is hard to dial down from the broad range, especially when I have yet to own a trailer in my life.

I first looked for renting options. It won’t take up space in my driveway when I don’t need it, and I don’t have to maintain it as well. The catch is, as of other rentals, it is expensive when considering the long term. If I am using it every fortnight, I would be able to buy a trailer in around 4 months. Considering how eager I am to visit rural Queensland, this option can be really pricey.

Then I started looking on second-hand websites, which are known for their affordable pricing. But they are also known for potential sub-par items. Anyway, I started my scavenge, looking through thousands of ads. Dealers ads are trustworthy, but there is quite a premium when compared to the private ads. And my trust issues to private ads by experiences from other friends made me very undecisive.

Everything changed when I met a friend who built his own trailer. He is such a godsend. He modified a simple box trailer into his unique camper trailer. But to ease my time, he suggested to buy a tradesman trailer to start with, so the trailer is already fully enclosed.

The simplicity of the trailer meant it is easy to maintain and can go for light off-roading. And the empty space within allow my creativity to work without spending big money on pre-built camper trailers. I can also take bring along tents for a full urban-less experience. With some of his help (when I say some, I mean a lot), I am able to modify the trailer to fit everything that my family need for a week-long getaway.

Oh, did I mention where do I get my tradesman trailer from? I bought my trailer from a reputable dealer near Salisbury station. Their finance options offered flexibility for me to buy with weekly interest-free instalments, similar to renting a trailer every weekend. But now I have the ability to head outside of the city whenever I can and want.