Natural Timber Furniture: Things to Consider When Buying

Resistance is often a top concern for buyers when purchasing natural timber furniture. Any product’s long-term usefulness is what provides you the greatest value for money. Timber is the most durable of all the raw materials used to make furniture. Whenever it comes to long-lasting marri furniture Perth, nothing beats solid wood.

Even now, wood remains one of the most challenging building materials available, which largely explains the popularity of wood marri furniture Perth. But the wood used in its construction is unquestionably what gives your wooden natural timber furniture its strength and long-term endurance. As a result, we are here to assist you in your search for the wood species that best suits your requirements.

First things first, let us get to the important stuff.

Top 5 Best Natural Timber Furniture Wood Types

The kind of wood you choose is mostly determined by the aesthetic standards you want, your budget, and the estimated wear and tear on your furniture. Keeping these traits in mind, the following are the finest sorts of wood to select for your bespoke bedroom furniture and other natural timber furniture.

American Walnut

Anyone seeking for a rich dark-toned wood might choose American walnut. This timber is suitable for both elegant and modern settings, thanks to its dark brown and purplish-black colours and fine-grained, marbled patterns. It is typically used for ornamental veneers, but it is also utilised for premium fine furniture in solid form.

Tasmanian Blackwood

Because of its durability and colour range, Tasmanian Blackwood is a popular wood for furniture around the house. This hardwood has an appealing uneven grain structure and may be sanded to a smooth shine.

It contains a broad range of brown to dark brown and red tones, as well as attractive black grain patterns. This popular option looks well in both contemporary and classic settings.

Western Australian Jarrah and River Red Gum 

Jarrah from Western Australia is noted for its durability, strength, and adaptability, enabling it to be utilised in a variety of exterior and interior applications. It has a somewhat coarse and interlocked, wavy grain and occurs in dark red to dark brown colours, making it an attractive material for construction and design. Western Australian Jarrah is robust, sturdy, and resistant to termites, rot, and fire. It is mostly used for heavy-duty construction. This wood’s ornamental characteristics make it a popular option for furniture.

West Australian Marri

Marri furniture Perth is selected for its strength and longevity. With its characteristic veining and patterning, it is often utilised to create furniture that serves as the focal point of the house. Marri has a coarse yet uniform texture and a grain structure that is somewhat interlocked. The wood is honey and golden in colour, with black veining. This lovely oak works well in both modern and rustic settings.

American Oak

This hardwood is one of the most long-lasting light-colored wood species used for furniture. The exquisite dynamic oak grain has a lot of colour variation, ranging from light straw to mild brown, and it is one of the most widely used timbers for furniture.

Oak is a furniture classic with a V-shaped, tight grain pattern that reacts nicely to polishes and stains. It’s simple to work with and may be carved into varied, modern patterns for your home’s décor. It’s an excellent option for anything from bedside cabinets to bespoke dining tables.

When Buying Wood for Natural Timber Furniture, What Qualities to Search For?

Durability and strength are the most crucial factors to consider when purchasing wood furniture. The longer a product lasts, the denser it becomes.

Nevertheless, that’s not all there is to it—selecting furniture made from solid wood requires understanding the many wood species and how they respond to the various surroundings. If you build an outside bench out of wood, you may want to look elsewhere for a material that works well for your coffee table.

Here are the five most important things to keep in mind when looking for high-quality furniture:

Wood Species

Only a small fraction of the world’s tens of thousands of distinct wood species are appropriate material options for high-quality furniture. And the wood’s toughness or density plays a vital part in this evaluation.

Are you familiar with the Janka Hardness Scale? A greater number suggests denser/more durable wood, whereas a lower value suggests softer/less durable wood. Common woods such as Black Walnut or White Oak are naturally great alternatives for durable, high-quality materials, but softer woods such as white pine or poplar are prone to nicks and scratches if put to the test.

Quality Of Wood

As much as you appreciate the uniqueness of a knot, void, or crack in wood, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Knots, for instance, are a natural feature of solid wood, but they are also weaker than the rest of the tree. If a piece of furniture, like a table, has several flaws, it indicates that the wood is weaker in those areas. If the producer uses high-quality, premium timber, the wood should be relatively free of these major flaws, and any remaining flaws should be handled effectively to stabilise (e.g. filled with resin/other filler, as applicable).

Joint Construction

The primary predictor of great furniture is joint construction. Anything fastened together with staples or nails is immediately categorised as substandard construction. Likewise, if it’s glued and the adhesive is visible.

Finish Type

The finishing touch is everything!! Everything may have been created precisely up until this stage, but if the improper finish is applied to the object, quality and durability will be lost. Without getting into the tedious intricacies of finish types, there are two main characteristics of a solid wood finish: Water Resistance and Scratch Resistance.


Truly high-quality furniture is nearly always handcrafted rather than factory-assembled. We’re talking about skilled building and fabrication by people with years of expertise and craft under their belts, not just assembly by anybody on the street. Find fabricators who have committed their life to woodworking, finishing, and other parts of furniture creation, and the quality will not be far behind.


Before making such a substantial investment in your house, a little education is required, not just helpful. If you want to spend your money wisely, you need to be aware of your demands and the sorts of wood natural timber furniture most suited to meeting those needs. As a result, we did everything we could to ensure you had access to the data required to make an educated decision.