NBA Trade Deadline Explained

We all know the fact that all season teams sell or trade with player contracts, drafts choices, or drafts the rights to the player. The bye-laws and the leaked constitution prohibited teams from using players who have been loaned, for instance in international soccer. The traders are all expected to comply with the rules and regulations that are associated with trades. The trade deadline of NBA has been clearly explained below

Procedure and timings

The teams are allowed to make sure that the contract starts the regular season till the deadline fixed by NDA which is usually 3:00 p.m. on the 7th Thursday during any season. The teams not willing to make playoffs can start reading on the day after the last game of the season. The playoff team can trade once they are eliminated from the game. Keep in mind that no trade can take place especially during the Moratorium period during the season.

A treat will be finalized only when the teams have participated in the trade call with the league that will be able to confirm the details of the trade. The team is supposed to disclose the relevant information about the player during the threat finalization.

Extension of the trade

The team will get the opportunity to extend the trade with the player and is supposed to follow a set of rules that are mentioned below.

  • The contract should not cover more than three Seasons including the remaining years of the initial contract.
  • The salary during the first year of the extended term should not be more than 105% of the salary during the last year of the initial term.
  • The annual salary should not increase more than 5% of the salary during the first season which also covers the extended term.
  • The teams are not allowed to trade with any player to exhibit the sign of extension for more than three seasons, with higher annual increases and a higher salary to prevent the other teams from getting around the limitations.

To put it in a nutshell NBA trades deadlines are strictly followed by all the Seasons and it is up to the teams to adhere to the rules and regulations properly.