Need help with shoplifting defence in Vancouver? Things to know!

For the unversed, shoplifting doesn’t find a mention in Criminal Code. That may sound surprising, but this is a common charge pressed on a person for theft of products from stores. If convicted, the accused will be prosecuted under Section 334 of the Canada Criminal Code, just like theft. If you have been charged with shoplifting, one of your first steps should be about contacting a Vancouver criminal defence lawyer. A criminal lawyer would be able to represent your case better, especially when you are unsure of criminal laws and how things may pan about.

Knowing the consequences

In case of shoplifting, if the value of goods stolen is less than $5,000, the Crown may either prosecute by summary conviction, or by ‘indictment’. The consequences may include six months imprisonment. In most such cases where the value of stolen products is less than $5,000, summary conviction is common. If the prosecution is by indictment, the maximum sentence could be two years of imprisonment. For goods that are valued over $5,000, the Crown will prosecute by indictment. 

You definitely need legal representation

If you don’t have a criminal record, you should consider hiring a criminal lawyer at the earliest. This is because your lawyer will be able to establish that your action was a result of personal problems, which may help in justifying lesser sanctions. In some cases, when there is no defence available, your criminal defence lawyer may advice on guilty plea. Nevertheless, it is always better to hire an attorney that you can trust, because without legal representation, you may have to deal with consequences that could be otherwise avoided. 

Finding a good criminal defence lawyer

There are some amazing law firms in Vancouver, and many of them have criminal defence lawyers, who have incredible experience of handling such cases. The idea is to find a lawyer that you can trust, and don’t shy away from asking questions when you meet a lawyer for the first time. A good lawyer will offer all the support and assistance that you need, and they will hear you out, even when you are guilty. Most lawyers either charge by the hour, or may have block charge, so ask in advice about the expenses of the case. 

Don’t delay in calling a criminal defence lawyer when you have been charged with shoplifting in Vancouver. Early legal advice can be really handy for preventing further mistakes.