New Image Comic’s series “Geiger” Is Hot Stuff

Image Comics’s new series “Geiger” explores the adventures of a superhero in a radioactive world after a nuclear war. Radioactive fallout has changed the lifestyle of those who survived and, for the main character, his very nature. The story begins by focusing on a legendary character known by many names, including Joe Glow, Glowing Man, and Meltdown Man. Unaffected by the pervasive radiation, he is on a mission to protect his family.

The Characters and Their Story

The main character’s name is Tariq Geiger, but he is widely known by more imaginative names. Geiger is a husband and father, and his main focus is protecting his family still huddled in a fallout shelter. The radioactive fallout changed Geiger, and he can walk in the wastes of the Nevada desert without a protective suit. He himself burns with radiation. Gradually, he has become a myth to outlaws and scavengers roaming the wilderness.

While Geiger’s domain is the desert and his focus is his family’s welfare, the nearby city of Las Vegas evolved into a freakish seat for characters who are heads of crime families and have created individual worlds within their resort headquarters.

New Comic Book Publisher

“Geiger” creator Geoff Johns collaborated with Gary Frank on the project, and they decided to start a new comic because they wanted to create a fresh story with new characters and a novel setting. Johns began the scripts in 2020 before the pandemic closed everything down, and then he and Frank continued working throughout last year and finished the scripts.

According to Johns, this first installment is only the beginning of a new universe. Since their story was fresh, they decided to go with a different publisher. They chose Image Comics. Founded by high-profile illustrators, Image lets creators hold onto the copyrights for their work. Both of the creators of “Geiger” felt this imaginative effort was something for which they wanted the rights, and Image was a natural choice.

Desert Inspirations

Ultimately, Geiger’s story is about a journey. Changed by the radioactive fallout, he is navigating his way through a post-nuclear war world with his mind fixed on protecting and providing for his loved ones. That is his sole motivation. As often happens, being different has caused others to talk about him, and through time he has become a sort of fable that people passing through the desert whisper about.

While the creators mention obvious inspirations such as “Mad Max,” other seeds for “Geiger” are surprising at first glance. “True Grit,” for example, is a similar story of determination, courage, and strength. A tough, one-eyed U.S. Marshal called Rooster Cogburn joins forces with a Texas Ranger to help a teenager track down her father’s murderer in the Wild West deserts of America’s 19th century. The beloved film, which earned John Wayne his only Oscar, was remade in 2010. Johns also cites fatherhood as a motivation for Geiger’s strong connection to his family.

The comic book industry is supported not only by the continuing stories of favorite characters but also by new visions. “Geiger” is one such effort, created to deliver a new experience of escape into a world that, while alien, features emotions, hopes, and fears to which its creators hope readers will relate.