Social Media activities are now part of our daily routine just like cooking or reading or having a walk. We can definitely say that Instagramming is our daily social walk.
Exploring, getting in touch, finding attractive items and buying them is all part of the social journey. It is a nice activity that we gladly do in our spare time also for taking our minds off the business duties we’re so often involved in.


But, what if we had to look after our social media right for business purpose? That would definitely take time off your core activity.

Keeping your social pages active and ever more captivating is a way for being spotted and reaching out a wider audience.

It all starts by planning and scheduling a social media posts structure, made up of graphics, photos, videos and good content written below on the caption.

It takes creativity, communication skills and… time!

If you run out of time for social updates and growing, trust someone to do this for you, a reliable social media manager working in a well-grounded web agency. Your project would be analysed and a great editorial plan can turn out of this thanks to social media specialists at your exclusive service.

Daily contents, posts, stories, interactions leading to a constant and relevant growth and popularity. If you like the idea and want to know more, just keep reading.

How to draft a Social Media publishing schedule

Today there are more than 700 million active users every month and over 95 million contents appearing daily on Instagram newsfeed.

According to the latest estimates, more than half of users visit Instagram daily and a good part perform multiple sessions throughout the day.

There is more: Instagram is not only a platform to be used privately, but a real asset for Business!

In fact, it is estimated that 70% of users log in the platform to look at the images of their favourite brands.

What does all this success owe to?

Simple: to the contents, which allow a more human and direct contact with your followers.

The involvement is real, the brand engagement is tangible: the perfect showcase to show not only your products, but your identity, inspiring users and audiences and attracting new talents.

In order to do so a Web Agency sets up social campaigns involving content creation, pages, ads management for Instagram and Facebook, all planned on a weekly schedule ready for publishing but also editable at any given time.


Smashing contents for growing your audience

A web agency, just like Viva Digital, deals with the creation of an editorial plan which includes the definition of macro-topics to be shared on social pages, the frequency of each topic, the tone of the posts and the choice of multimedia content.

After that it looks after the creation and the publication of contents to be shared on social pages along with the definition of the message, hashtags, links and multimedia content (photos / videos) for each post.

Last but not least: the audience.

It naturally includes the overall management of Facebook and Instagram pages including interactions with users to create engagement and increase followers in an organic way and create a real acquisition channel for new customers.

So why not starting growing now?