Non-Surgical Treatment Options for Knee Pain

Knee pain can hamper overall movement as the stinging pain in the joint would force you to take the backseat. Knee pain, if compromised on, could make the existing condition worse. Mindful rest and recovery can make the knee function back to its optimal level.

While experiencing knee pain in Jacksonville, here are a few non-surgical and non-invasive ways knee pain relief can be achieved:


Visiting a physiotherapist is the most frequent response of doctors as the movement of such joints and needed recovery can be analyzed by them in case of pain. After which, slow exercise towards recovery may commence. The quadriceps and hamstrings will be strengthened to help remove as much pressure on the knee as possible.

Use Ice

One of the most common home remedies to help reduce swelling and relax any inflamed ligaments and tendons in the knee. After a very demanding physical activity like an intense workout, using ice or a cooling bag/pouch can help relieve the pressure.

Anti-Inflammatory Medication

Using anti-inflammatory drugs can help bring down the swelling and also reduce the pain in the knee. Using anti-inflammatory injections containing substances like hyaluronic acid and lubricants would reduce any friction, leading to discomfort in the knee.

PRP Therapy

This therapy would need medical clearance from your physician as it is in its early stages. No signs of positive conclusive evidence are found; however, it is practical to a certain degree. In this therapy, platelets from the individuals’ blood are extracted through centrifugation, and it is later injected back into the knee. Consult your doctor if you are eligible for Plasma Rich Platelet Therapy.

Lifestyle Changes

If overweight or obese, knee pain could stem from the pressure on the joint due to the individual’s weight. Eating clean and ensuring adequate amounts of iron, calcium, and vitamin D in the diet can help bone health prevent any bone deterioration. Exercise, incredibly low-impact, can help bring the knee back in shape and strengthen the overall joint and muscles surrounding it.

Knee Braces

A knee brace can reduce inflammation and pain while realigning the bones to minimize painful friction by introducing stability externally. The brace will help in getting the knee to gain back its mobility.

Cortisone Injections

The cortisone shot is used widely to reduce any swelling and inflammation. The drug is a very effective temporary fix while the professional medical diagnoses the actual condition.


A physician should recommend using any medication or recovery methods before the individual performs it.