Nozlen Protective Cases: How to Properly Sell Hot Wheel Cars

Selling replica cars or Hot Wheels is pretty easy since there are so many collectors today. The easiest and best way to sell these things is using the auction service on eCommerce websites like eBay. Of course, there are always advertisements in local papers or other websites that sell the same goods.

Still, people have access to large audiences or communities on the Internet with eCommerce platforms. With tons of buyers around, enthusiasts will have no issues getting a lot of money for their collections. Listed below are some simple selling techniques that collectors can follow to sell your Hot Wheels collection successfully.

Choose the model you want to sell

Collectors should take a photo of their car – at least on two sides and one photo of its wheels. These things are dated on their wheels. Enthusiasts can tell how old the model is in its tire style. Some newer models look the same as older ones, but the tires will tell you the model age. Buyers are going to want to see the tire style, as well as the underneath of the toy where the original date and name are usually stamped.

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Buy a pricing manual

Tomart’s Price Guide by Michael Thomas Strauss is a good pricing manual to own. In this manual, people will find descriptions of cars by date, as well as their going price range. When selling these types of collections, it helps to know what models have reasonable prices.

Put together a simple summary of the toy you are trying to sell

In these descriptions, sellers need to include the name of the model, the date it was made, the color, and any writing or decals. They should make sure to list every writing underneath the car. If the seller has an excellent photo of the tires, they will not have to describe them. People can list the starting or going price, or they can leave it blank. Most enthusiasts already know how much these things cost.

 Wait and see how much these things will sell

People do have an option to sell their items on eCommerce websites for a set price. They can do this if the items they are selling are worth a lot and ensure they do not lose tons of money on it. But collectors can also start the selling process at a given price. Whichever way they choose, the toy is now up for sale.

 Take a note with itemized lists of Hot Wheel toys you posted on the Internet

Make sure to jot down the listing number, and when the item sells, write down amounts items were sold for. Accurately write the buyer’s info on your note. Keep the information in one place. There’s nothing worse than selling items, only to lose the details of who bought them. Sellers can also keep up with these details in the “My Page” section of their eCommerce site. To find out more about this subject, check out websites like for more info.

 Wrap the item well and secure it in bubble wrap

Make sure to wrap the item well, secure them in bubble wrap and place them in a bubble wrap bag. These bags come in all shapes and sizes, but since these things are pretty small, the size of the bag shouldn’t be bigger than five by seven inches. Always remember that the smaller the material being shipped, the cheaper the shipping fee you will be paying. Once the seller receives the payment from buyers, address the bag, and ship the item.


Sellers need to make sure that they do some research before selling their Hot Wheels collection. Some of these things can sell in the price range of two digits to six digits.


It is an excellent idea to wrap the item in bubble wrap and put them in small boxes if it is worth a huge deal. It would be a shame to send it in bubble envelopes, have it damaged during transit, and owe buyers back their money. Make sure that packages are insured by the delivery companies in case something bad happens to the merchandise. When jotting down the buyer’s info, make sure they are accurate to the dot. Sellers do not want to write addresses wrong and send the merchandise to the wrong person.

More tips

Collecting these things is a happy spanning many years, encompassing different manufacturers and models for most enthusiasts and collectors. After collecting different toy cars that would put real automobile companies to shame, they may decide to slim down their collection and spread the contentment and joy to other collectors. Knowing how to price these pieces accurately and where to sell them will provide individuals with the biggest bang for their buck.

Critiquing the items

Before you start to think about the Return on Investment, make sure to check the condition of the pieces. Two primary factors that can lower the value of these things are loose cars with no casing, packaging that has been damaged or taken a beating for many years inside cabinet cases, and wrong handling.

Regardless of their conditions, loose die-cast automobiles will always sell for less compared to their never open and brand-new die-cast counterpart. Check every nook and cranny of the item, paying attention to paint chips, general wear and tear, and broken parts as any small damages and defects will lower their value. If the item is in mint conditions, people can expect to get a reasonable valuation.

Still, die-cast vehicles need to be in their original case or packaging, whether in a blister card or box. If the packaging has bent corners, sun or water damages, or tears, the value will be significantly reduced appropriately. For instance, sun or water damages will always lower their value more compared considerably to corner tears.

From action figures to Hot Wheels, all toy collections should be well protected in hard casing or original packaging. It is the reality of this industry. Most collectors buy two pieces of the same model—one for their enjoyment and one for future selling.